Friday, 1 October 2010

Changing projects…

I received yesterday through post my letter of rejection for the London Marathon. Boo…

I wanted to do that next year

I tried to enter the London Marathon through the ballot which selects people randomly. You can also enter by implying for a position with a charity but they demand to raise so much money these days. It would be so difficult training for the actual run and also trying to raise around £2000 ($3100) through recession! I can’t ask from friends, relatives and co-workers so much money. I don’t think I’ll be able to do it. I know people last year that had to add the remaining £300 to £400 on their own to complete the amount.

So, my plan A to run a London Marathon the year I turn 30 is not going to happen. I now have to find a plan B by finding another event to enter or another challenge to accomplish. I will look for a half marathon in spring or marathon in summer (to have more time to train) in a nice place. A colleague is doing in two weeks the Venice Marathon. I would really love to do that. However, because I am a wuss, I’ll try to get JJ’s support first. I don’t mind running alone, but I don’t want to travel alone to a different country, place and run. I need the support.

So, I’d better start looking… Anyone else interested?


On a different kind of projects, since I don’t have enough on my plate to do (Java, work, studying, social life, running, gym etc) I’ve decided to start something completely new! Yay! This will be something fun though, to work on my free (?) time.

I want to create a web page for JJ, and his paintings. I don’t want to create something extremely fancy with many videos or animations, but I’d like to do a website with information, news for upcoming events, his portfolio etc. I don’t think I can add online selling yet. I think it will be too complicated and a hustle for an inexperienced user like me, even by using PayPal or something similar.

It’s about time he a web site. Painting for him is something to do on his free time. He never thought of becoming a professional painter and sell his paintings for an extra income. Of course as an artist, he doesn’t really appreciate his work. He has in the past just given away his work for free to strangers on the street! However, I see some potential there and there is no harm trying!

I’ve never created a website before. I had some courses in ‘Flash’ back in the university. It was called ‘Macromedia’ back then, now it’s called ‘Adobe Flash’. I’m hoping to find some tutorials and set a simple website using a template I can find online and modify. I don’t believe using ‘HTML’ is so difficult. I’ve been slightly playing around with it for this blog anyway.

I also want it to be a surprise for JJ. I was checking online and I found some websites that sell art on line. They work with commission or annual membership. He could do something like that as well, but having his own website is always good and it doesn’t cost that much. I now have to find a domain and a host (after I finish programming the damn thing).


  1. What a nice BF you are; a very nice thought. It would be nice to see his stuff...


  2. @MadeInScotland Thanks, but let me finish it first and then we'll see. :-)