Monday, 19 September 2011

Some things never change…

I was preparing a post for the latest news on Greece. It’s a topic always on my mind (for obvious reasons) but I decided to spare you the tediousness. It’s Monday, not a great day by any means, so I’m trying to think of a subject to present that is more appealing and less sad. Since I can’t find a specific one, I will just mention recent things I had on my mind…

I’m now finishing the third book of the ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ by R.R.Martin. That book was split in two in the UK, so I am officially finishing book 3B. For those who are interested in Fantasy books, I have to say is a must read. I generally love the fact that each chapter is written from the perspective of different characters, some of which are the bad ones. I also love the complexity of challenged characters by nature like ‘Tyrion’ also known as the ‘Imp’.

nice adaptation...

The story is very complicated with lots of different characters with their own agendas. I don’t want to give away too much but there are way too many people interested in gaining the control of the throne making the story complex and interesting. In the meantime there is a very dark and scary menace looming on the North and another exiled heir to the throne gathering forces to the East. What I mostly love in the story is that characters the reader thought are there to stay, find death in a horrible, almost easy way. Has anyone seen the telly series?

On another geeky issue the new iphone, version 5, will be released early October. I’m really looking forward to seeing Apple’s new tagline. Will it be ‘It changes everything yet again once more’? I know many of you are already converted to the Dark Side, but I hope to stay in the boring, yet functional and geeky Jedi Side…

Since, this post is turning into a geek theme, I’ll keep on. Am I the only one who things that ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is really good? I believe it’s very well written. I don’t how old the series I’m watching now on UK television is, but I still find it hilarious.

Speaking of television, I have to add that I highly enjoy ‘Qi’ as well! This is the only knowledge comic ‘quiz’ show, if you can call it that. Where else can you learn that the ancient Greeks were using bread (baguettes) as dildos or the fact that Coke without colouring is green and that the biggest tyre manufacturer in the world is Lego?

that's my official goodbye to summer...


  1. Is that handsome devil up top Sean Bean, of LOTR fame? It appears he hasn't changed makeup or costume too much lately. Is he a part of some un-named TV series? As you may know I have no TV service, so this is all "Greek" (sorry) to me.

  2. I like the last photo the best !

  3. @the cajun. Yes, it is Sean Bean but not from LOTR. It's from that book I described called 'The Song of Fire and Ice'. I believe that it's an HBO production.

    @Ur-Spo thanks. :-)

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  5. Hearing about Greece from your perspective is not at all tedious. We want to know what you're thinking.

    I love Big Bang Theory too! But really, who wouldn't?

    I also love that last pic...