Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Bad Karma

What is wrong with Japan? Who managed to put a curse on the whole country? Definitely 2011 has not been a good year for the land of the rising sun! After the earthquakes, the tsunami, the cyber-attacks and the nuclear plant meltdown there is now a typhoon on their way! Why? OK, that is a stupid question, but I strongly believe that the people of that country are challenged way too harshly for the sins they might have committed.

I salute them for the way they’ve been handling things. If you’ve seen any documentaries on the Fukushima disaster, you will see that the people seem generally disciplined, resilient and positive. They’ve been trying to help the authorities without complaining. It is unfair that they’ve been going through another natural disaster. OK, that is probably the wrong thing to say. No one deserves to get affected by natural disasters, but still…

I thought of trying to find what wrong they could have done recently to damage their karma so much but it’s not easy. I’ve learnt that Japan has more than 6,500 islands (wow) and a population of 127 million people (tenth largest population). They’ve done some really nasty stuff during the Big War, but who hasn’t? Also, I think that punishing the country now after 70 years, is a bit unjust.

On the top of my head, I could judge the country on their policies regarding whaling. When most countries have signed against it, Japan continues to turn a blind eye towards that issue. I understand that whaling is part of their culture and history. However, the gravity of the situation is such that there might not be whales in the future…

Anyway, I’ve always wanted to visit the country. I am fascinated by their history, culture, food, Manga and technology. I love how they combine the old and the new, maintaining values and looking at the future at the same time. I must postpone my visit for a few years though. Although now the prices must be cheap, I don’t want to bring back radiation as a souvenir.

Seriously now, I wish to them all the best


  1. Karma's a bitch. :-)

    This weekend, I was headed out to play golf. While I was on the highway, a bird hit my windshield, and probably died.

    An hour later on the course, I chipped, and then noticed that I was standing on a giant fire ant colony, and that my entire lower right leg was covered with ants. I'm still dealing with ant bites four days later. :-/

  2. I don't take truck in countries getting punishment for something they allegedly did or didn't do. We here this too much here - all USA hardships are due to tolerance of the gays, the liberals, the Mexicans.

  3. Shit happens, especially in earthquake-prone countries. Ας το κάρμα και μαλακίες.

  4. Speaking of bad karma, I've been smitten with such for my bad decision to not send the shirt across the pond. You will be after it goes to Peter in Holland.

  5. @Gauss Jordan. ouch... :-(

    @Ur-Spo Great! (I've also added you on facebook). Oh, yes... I'm a good stalker, being a tech geek

    @Vilges Suola True... Shit happens...
    (I do have to add greek to my laptop)

  6. You knew Dyl and his hubby went to Japan last year, right? Did you follow his adventures?

  7. @Cubby Yes, I did. It made me even more eager to visit Japan. I loved their story.