Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Weekend holidays

I had such a nice time being away for three days! Apart from the wedding where I saw some of my old university colleagues, I spent most of my time just with my parents. We mostly talked about the possible change of my career (that will be another post).

I arrived in Greece really early Friday morning. After a few hours of sleep we headed to my hometown and to a local beach. I feel very privileged to have this type of means to escape. The water and sandy beach was simply amazing.

You can click to zoom in the pictures:

A beach bar called 'Liquid' in an area called the 'Sand Dunes' (αμμόλοφοι)

Our very sexy waiter and people chilling looking at the sea.

Me, working on my tan

The view from my parents' place. You can see my hometown in the back

Second day's escape to the sea

The wedding Chapel, an old Church built in 1804

The bride being the first to lead the dance

Generally the wedding was great. The Chapel was up on a local mountain, isolated and romantic. The reception was planned according to customs. There was lots of nice food served and dancing. The first dance was performed only by the bride, groom and very close relatives. We did join in soon after that though. I hadn't dance Greek folklore dances in circles like that in ages. I can't say I'm an expert and that I know many of them, however I do enjoy myself. Some of them are really very difficult and complicated.

What I loved about the event was how much the bride and the groom enjoyed it. They weren't shy or tying to be 'proper', distant, like some other people I've seen. The bride was on the dance floor having the time of her life for almost the whole night jumping up and down and the groom was visiting each one of the tables in turns talking to people and having lots of drinks. Since I was dancing right next to the bride I believe I'm in the wedding video a lot!


  1. great post! the view from your parent's house is really nice...and the beach shot...wow. makes me long for my summer holiday (only one week to go now!) oh and good thing we could make the pics bigger, that waiter looks really hunky!

    the wedding pic is nice too! i can tell the atmosphere was great. would be nice to experience a greek wedding one day. i am sure you greeks are good at partying :)

  2. Nik
    Looks like a blast. I have to say, I really enjoy reading your blog. I'm going to add you to my blog roll so its easier to connect and I hope it brings you some readers.


  3. @Luuworld My summer holidays with the boyfriend start in a week too. I can't wait...

    @Bosguy Thanks a lot for that! :-D You put a smile on my face...

  4. I got three things to say to you: woof! woof! woof!

    I'm glad you enjoyed your short trip to Greece. Your pics are great.

  5. Awesome pics - looks like a great chick! It's always nice to get away for a break!

  6. The view from the parents place is awful! :-)

  7. @Cubby thanks... :-)

    @SteveA Cheers... :-D

    @Stephen_Chapman I know... It's dreadful. That's why I had the curtains half closed, so I couldn't see it...