Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Treats in the kitchen

According to custom, when someone from the company goes away on holiday, he or she should bring some local treats back to the office. In most cases they are chocolate biscuits, cookies or some other kind of finger food. In the past, we had some really interesting dried stuff from exotic locations or even exotic fruit.

This time, one of my colleagues went back to his hometown, in Scotland. I was very surprised that apart from the customary and expected shortbread, he brought us, this:

Haggis Poo!

Yes, poo that came out from Haggis! I couldn't stop laughing! They are raisins dipped in milk chocolate. Once more for those of you that missed the name : Haggis Poo!

Just look at the box! It's hilarious! It's a personified haggis wearing a Scottish Kilt lifting his leg next to a bush and the toilet paper is running for it! The sheep in the back looks amazed and the rabbits in the front pass out, probably from the smell!

I generally don't like toilet humor, but honestly... Who had this brilliant idea? Who designed the box and named the product? I have to admit that it is a product difficult to forget, something like


  1. before i finished reading the whole post i thought it was actual poo. who knows what the scots can come up with?! haha.

    good thing it was only chocolate. funny box!

  2. @Luuworld I found it hilarious... It's so bad that it really stays with you. You can't easily forget it.