Wednesday, 15 June 2011


I’m juggling many balls at the time and it’s not good. I generally don’t like complaining online but I’m having one of these days that the only thing I’d really like to do is have some comfort food and collapse on my sofa. Work is busy. Interviews and work applications are stressful. My diet is not working. My legs hurt. I need to sort some admin stuff from Greece. I lack sleep. Also, my long waited summer holidays are in jeopardy. I feel pressure from all around and I need to take a deep breath.

Anyway, it’ll be fine. I just need to relax and concentrate on other stuff. No, not the weather (it’ll rain soon). No, not Greece (that’s a country graded whose rating is worse than Pakistan or Ecuador). Of course not my deteriorating fitness level. Yes, maybe some other irrelevant news.

I went recently and I saw ‘X-Men: the first class’ and I have to say I loved it. The story has nothing to do with the comics but still it’s a very good X-Men related movie. I liked how the characters evolved and the story unfolded. I also loved a certain short cameo (no spoilers). I found Bacon an excellent villain and Fassbender played an amazing Magneto. Even if some flaws do exist, I strongly recommend it to action movie fans.

I also went to see the new Jack Sparrow ‘Pirates’ movie. Don’t ask me the correct or full title, I can’t remember it. I have to admit that I didn’t like the previous sequels and I was somewhat negatively preoccupied. I was surprised to find the movie to my liking, even if I thought that it was too long. The movie doesn’t deliver anything extraordinary. It’s a Disney movie after all. It’s fun to watch on the large screen with pop corn and cola.

That’s it. That’s the best I can do at the moment. Two very short and bad movie reviews. Is it the weekend yet?

(There is no really need to worry. I'll be fine. I just need a break)


  1. Not sure I can bring myself to watch the Pirates movie - I've yet to see a good review!

  2. i totally understand this post. sometimes a lot of shit seems go go down at the same time...and then it starts to hit the fan! hope your holdiay works out though. that's ESSENTIAL work hard workin boys like us!

  3. Funny, Greg and I went to see both X-men and Pirates last weekend too. We loved X-men and hated Pirates. Now we want to see Super 8.

  4. Mmm... comfort food. And beer.

    Here's hoping that you can find find a much needed break soon.

  5. @Stephen_Chapman I can totally understand that. We went to see because there was nothing else to watch at that moment. It's not something not to be missed...

    @Luuworld I find the English saying about shit and hitting the fan so weird and funny at the same time!

    @Cubby Yes, Super 8 and maybe the Green Lantern will be next