Friday, 10 June 2011

Bad weather…

Not much is happening these days. The weather’s outside is dreadful. It’s raining cats and dogs. It’s supposed to be mid June, aka summer! However, it looks so much like September or October outside! I generally don’t mind bad weather, especially when I’m at work. I’d prefer though to have nicer weather during weekends. The weather forecast is the same. Everyday there is ‘chance of rain’. They simply add a number next to it as a maximum temperature from 15 to 19.

I find it hard to realise that in less than a month my summer holidays begin. When I do think about them, I do get worried (that’s not great news). I can’t help but feel responsible about the trip since our destination will be Greece. I know that it’s not my fault if there will be a strike slowing us down or various others problems, but I can’t help it. I just read that on June 14th there will be a general strike, including the main Piraeus’ port, not allowing any boat to travel to the islands and I felt cold sweat running down my spine. The worst case scenario would be however a coup d’état while we are there.

Our schedule is fixed. We have the plane and boat tickets and our hotel reservation. I’m not sure how flexible these bookings can be. To be honest I wouldn’t mind getting stranded on one of the islands though. I do know we’ll have lots of fun and most likely all will as planned. However, next time I’ll let him do all the bookings and worry about the whole thing. I’d love to go to South Africa anyway…

I don’t have any special plans for this weekend. I do have some stuff I want to do, but most of them are projects I’m working on my laptop. So, maybe the awful weather is not such a bad idea. However, a nice outside run would be most welcome. Going to spinning classed means that I do less runs. That means that the run calendar I keep looks awful.

Having lunch with my brilliant boyfriend ‘JJ’, he suggested two things to me. The first was to take part in this year’s London Gay Pride. That might be fun. The second thing he suggested is taking part in the naked bike ride! He almost gave me a heart attack when he said that. OK, it wasn’t that bad but not in my wildest dreams I’d do something like that. I’d be too insecure and self conscious to do it. I’d really love to be able to and not give a damn about other people, but I am definitely not there yet…

Anyway, I’m sorry for the boring post. I’m leaving you with some eye candy with pictures taken in Mykonos. Have a very nice weekend.


  1. If you do the naked bike ride please take pics for us :)

    Great pics - the 1st of the guy coming out of the water is HAWT!

    It's the same where I live regarding the weather - it's been raining every day for the last two weeks and I just love walking in the sun. I was out to dinner this week, and I had to put a jumper on!

    It's the sign of the times I guess - the general climate is changing - soon it would be snowing in the tropics!

  2. I worry about travel too; so I often don't go.
    I hope it all works out for you!

  3. @SteveA Nah... I don't think I'll ever be able to do a naked bike ride. You never know though.
    Regarding the weather, even for British standards, it's been bad the last couple of days.

    @Ur-Spo Thanks. No, I do worry, but I travel a lot. I simply get pre-trip nerves.

  4. Good luck on your pending vacation and enjoy your time back in Greece relaxing. You have my sympathies about the weather. I just finished a post yesterday about how crappy the weather has been here in Boston as well. Frankly, I'm fed up with it.

  5. wow, you had lousy weather in london too? we had two days of great summer weather last week, then it's been raining cats and dogs and it's been chilly. oh the joys of living in northern europe!

  6. Does this happen to you? -- after about a half hour riding a bike my balls get tired of it all and draw up into my body. After I get off the bike it takes about 15 minutes for them to descend. LOL I can't believe I just wrote that.

    I'm going to be keeping an eye on Greece all summer :-/

  7. @BosGuy Thanks. Since now it's raining again, there is no more I can say. :-p

    @Luuworld. Nah, apparently you're not the only ones to be so fortunate. :-)

    @Cubby. Huh? I haven't really paid that much attention to it... It's normal I think. Ask Jim who's a far more experienced biker! :-)