Tuesday, 13 April 2010

When all the gods are conspiring against me…

I don’t want to talk about work. I really don’t…
However, I’m starting to feel that my vacation period must have irritated one of the gods (or more) and he or she wants to get back at me for it. They can be a very jealous lot.

I have a deadline, for tomorrow. I’ve been working on it nonstop to finish it since I got back. I’m running out of time but I am determined to get everything done on time.

I’ve even took the files needed at home yesterday to take a look at, even after I’ve left work late. The files I was working on did not open at my PC. I thought that the problem was caused while copying them.

Alas, the problem was at the files themselves. They’re corrupted. Everything I worked on for almost 3 hours yesterday evening is gone. Even the backups I made are backups of corrupted files (nice)…

Funnily enough, I’m trying to remain calm and I’ve succeeded in staying like that. I’m quickly progressing since I remember what I did yesterday and which pieces of code I should use from where. I’m so going to stay late tonight though…

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll be fine.
I’m leaving you on a happy note from here:


  1. lol darling

    u are so into Odysseus! haahaah
    now u need to find a heroic icon to help u get through with all the gods and goddess or

    make an offering so u would make all gods happy with u!

  2. @Suf_n_Steve I'm glad to see you all happy and chatty leaving me messages! I hope you're feeling much better now. An offering? Hm... What can I give?

    @Gauss_Jordan lol... OK, I'll try not to anger those...

  3. Oh I'm glad you managed to stay calm. I'm not sure that I could! Cross fingers you got it all done again, and in the redoing it is better than before.


  4. @Mike Thanks. I was surprised myself at how calm I stayed. I'm in the process of testing it and it looks good (fingers crossed).

  5. Oh my gosh. This was too much hilarity for one post. Something I can always depend on.