Tuesday, 6 April 2010


N. 24/26132462 The bank account of the National Greek Bank accepting donations to eliminate Greece’s national debt (the saddest but also funniest thing I heard this year). Yes, there are TV commercials about it broadcasted here…

24 Are the minutes I spent in Church to witness the resurrection of Christ on Good Saturday.

3 The number of people died on accidents with fireworks during Easter Celebrations in Greece (some people will never learn unfortunately)

50,000 rockets are being fired each year in the island of Chios to celebrate Easter. Watch the video here. (Don’t try it at home)

23 The number of people attended my family’s Easter Day celebration, relatives and friends.

5.5 The number of hours the feast lasted

9 kg weighted the roasted lamb that we consumed that day, apart from all the sausages, steaks, burgers etc grilled. The whole animal was skewed and roaster for more than 5 hours:

5 kg heavier I expect to return back home


  1. I'm surprised more kids are not blinded, maimed or killed every year from throwing those bloody fire-crackers about so indiscriminately. One of the kids in my class in Kalamata saw me in the street one day in Μεγάλη Εβδομάδα and shouted 'sir, I'm going to throw bombs!' His pockets were bursting with the damn things. One false move, or failure to dodge some other kid's missile, and he could have had his balls and cock made useless for reproduction or pleasure at the age of ten. If he'd been my son, he wouldn't have been allowed to go chucking those things about, whatever taunts he might have to endure from his παρέα for the prohibition.

  2. YUM!

    I am not a fan of fireworks. Rather like vilges, I think they should be banned to all public, experienced only in organised displays.


  3. I know. It's very dangerous. In theory it is banned and police are arresting illegally created fireworks, but...