Wednesday, 21 April 2010

I heart London

I really do love living in London, especially when it is sunny, warm and nice

I heart:
-having a cup of coffee in Tate Modern coffee place overlooking the Thames and St. Paul’s Cathedral

-having a pint next to the river by Hammersmith bridge

-going running near Barnes, under the trees, looking at Thames

-being able even to try Trinidad and Tobacco’s cuisine

-browsing for hours in a four stories bookshop

-being able to book tickets for the Sci-Fi-London Film Festival

-browsing aimlessly through stuff in Portobello Market

-relaxing in Greenwich Park overlooking Canary Wharf

-having a lunch break in St. Pauls’ courtyard

-wandering in National Gallery

-having smoked salmon eggs Benedict for brunch on a Sunday in my favorite coffee place

-flying to Barcelona (if Eyjafjallajokull allows) in the half price compared to my friends flying from Greece

-buying a pile of comic books from Forbidden Planet while reaching thirty, without being frowned upon from the only teenage customers of a Greek comic bookstore

-playing Frisbee on a Sunday in Regent’s Park

-making my own living and having a job that pays my bills compared to probably living with my parents unemployed in Greece

-having a best friend here a guy from Paris, a former housemate from Lisbon, a manager from Scotland, a personal trainer from Florence, a drinking buddy from Ireland and a boyfriend from South Africa

-crossing Waterloo Bridge looking at the night lights of an amazing metropolis

-sitting on the steps of Trafalgar square in front of National Gallery enjoying the smiling faces of tourists taking pictures

-walking at Regent’s canal from Camden Lock market to little Venice

-sitting on Primrose Hill overlooking London with friends

-sunbathing in Wandsworth Park when two police men on horses pass by

Some pictures:

Enjoying a pint of Guinness by Hammersmith Bridge

Greenwich Park and Canary Wharf

sunbathing in Wandsworth Park

running around Barnes

St. Pauls in Hammersmith


  1. Duuuude! "Trinidad and Tobago!" :-P

  2. How could I miss that? lol... Where's my mind lately? Thanks GJ