Thursday, 21 January 2010

Things you learn...

What I’ve learnt today (from yesterday most likely) is not to have sex with a sick person.
No matter if he says it’s OK, he’s not feeling that bad etc, do not succumb. JJ did not seem to be that sick and he was the one to start the whole thing and I did try to stop him (but I am only human). So, today I am feeling feverish / tired and cranky… And of course I blame him and his South African germs… I’ll find a way to make him pay for that (with a huge grin on my face)… That reminds me of the episode that Monika is sick, but doesn’t want to admit it and tries to have sex with Chandler in Friends:

On a very different matter, I’m quite annoyed with one of my colleagues (another reason that I’m cranky). I’ve been working (a lot) on a project to create a new extension for one of our software packages. I had a small data sample and I was happily working on it.
When, I finally thought that it was working OK, I thought of giving it a try and test it on a whole client’s dataset. The software kept crashing without an explanation. That really got me worried (/annoyed), so I tried to find the error. I spent a whole afternoon and the following morning trying to use debug messages and compiling the code over and over again to see where it might be going wrong.

After many attempts, I realized that the code was crashing when work was done on a very big table (I’m not going to go too much into detail) and I saw that the server I was working on had only 3MB free space! My (quite thick) colleague had the idea of copying 10GB of files on that server the day before, after my line manager specifically told him not to copy these files there. He actually copied the same data in two different servers! And it’s not the first time he’s doing something similar.
That cost me a whole day of frustration when I have a deadline coming…

Is it justified if I go and sneeze over his shoulder?


  1. Sounds like you need a holiday. No work, no worries and no sickness. I'm prescribing you 2 weeks vacation in the Maldives to be taken straight away :D


  2. yeah yeah make him sick. it's like the theory of 'pay it forward' only in a more bitter twisted kind of way. love it. oh and feel better soon please.

  3. Ok. Is this the first time you’ve mentioned that JJ is South African or did I miss that? haha. Yeah, I do agree though, no sexuals when sick, but, in my case I don’t think it really matters much considering my boyfriend and I live together, so we share the same bed and air and all. I would get sick either way?

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  4. @Ry The 'Maldives'? That's a great idea... You really read my mind. Thanks doctor...

    @Paige Thanks... I'm starting to see some improvement today...

    @Wozzel. No, I haven't mentioned it before but JJ is from South Africa. You didn't miss that. Yes, I agree, it's not easy not to get sick in that situation...

  5. A similar thing happened to me while at a client a couple of months ago. An install refused to work and the error codes made no sense. It ended up being down to disk space too. It didn't enter my head that a government department would let their server get to a state of just a few MB of free space.

    In answer to your question, are you on FB? (Send me an email?)

    By the way, I've just nominated you for one of those blogging award meme things (see my blog). Don't feel obliged. x

  6. Sex *as* a sick person is even more unpleasant. Trust me. ;-)

  7. @Gauss_Jordan He started it, believe me. I didn't want to give in at first. I was being a victim