Monday, 25 January 2010

Blue Monday…

So, today is the most depressing day of the year (last Monday of January). It’s true… If Wikipedia confirms, who can say otherwise?
Today is also known as ‘Pull a sickie day’, however I’d think it would be obvious to do that today. My suggestion would be to pull a sickie next week, after you’re paid at the end of the month…

In order to make you feel slightly better I want to introduce to you a website called xkcd:
I think I ran into it at someone else’s blog. Here’s an example of what you can find there:

Apart from that, I strongly suggest Juz. Take a look at his work… It’s hilarious.

Juz and El watched Avatar. Poor Aliens:

Shopping for basics:

Finally, I’m presenting to you the one and only Garfield!!!!

If all that, didn’t put a smile on your face, I don’t know what else to do… Sorry…


  1. You're welcome to use my blog for your Monday Blues. Thanks for the exposure.
    I hope you're better after that South African dude.

  2. Heh. Great minds think alike. Last night (in a sleep-depraved state) I decided that I *must* include a chart of some sort in my post on manhunt.

    From PHD:
    Parental Expectations vs. Time
    The Law of Free Food

  3. @Juz cheers

    @Gauss_Jordan Nice... Thanks for the links...

  4. Funny that. Without knowing (I thought it was last week), I had a pretty grim day at work. In fact, I did no work...

  5. dude, Juz's blog is my fave of all times! How hillarious is he?

    Love this post Nik. haha, made me laugh out loud with all the quirky cartoons :) hope Tuesday is kinder to you.

  6. u know what darling....

    i have no more blue monday. monday is joy day where i will wake up early for my morning walks and tai chi and continue my nappy after breakfast at 10...

    life is wonderful(yeah u can curse me for that!)

  7. @MadeinScotland. Sorry to hear about your grim day. You see? They don't make this stuff up for nothing. 'Blue Monday' exists...

    @wozzel I know Juz is awesome...

    @Suf_n_Steve I'm not going to curse you (out loud). I'm a nice person...

  8. Nik, If you like Garfield then take a look at Garfield minus Garfield. Probably the best part of my day.

  9. That Juz stuff is great. Thanks for this :-)

  10. @BB thanks for that... I spent my afternoon checking it... nice...

    @Dyl Yes, Juz is amazing...