Monday, 18 January 2010

Get in touch with my geek side (part 3)…

I have mentioned in the past that I am a huge comic book fan. I’ve been reading X-Men since I was a younger geek and now that I’ve grown to a fully licensed geek, I just couldn’t stop, could I?
So, I wanted to comment on the recent developments. I don’t know if you received the newsletter but they’re bringing back Kitty Pryde (a.k.a. Sprite or Shadowcat) in Uncanny X-Men #522. She died a few months ago, saving Earth from a bullet fired from Breakworld.

To be honest, it’s not something not to be expected. In the recent past Colossus (Shadowcat's other half) died while releasing the antidote of the Legacy virus into the atmosphere (very bad disease, worse than the swine flu, killed many people included his sister). Then, Kitty Pryde went through the whole process of mourning him, taking a leave of absence and scattering his ashes in Russia. Of course, later on, he was found to be alive in an underground laboratory where he was kept for experiments. It was only fair that she would die, leaving him to go through the same process of mourning. He even got a tattoo on his check that spelled ‘Katya’ (sucker). Now, she’s about to be brought back to life and from my experience with comics, it wouldn’t come as a surprised if she came back as a villain (at least for a short while) to avenge for her death…

I’m not going to bitch about how they keep on bringing back dead people, most of the times with some lame excuse. We’ve seen it so many times in the past. It got me thinking though, about which character died most of the times. I’m between Xavier and Jean Grey. Xavier was the very first X-Man believed to be dead, only to find out that it was Changeling that died in his place (making Changeling the real first casualty). I don’t count how many times Wolverine appears dead, because he just gets better after a while. I think Psylocke is another good candidate...

The only character that I believed never to be resurrected is the first Warpath (so far), John Proudstar, although they did make a character out of his brother, James Proudstar, very similar to him, bearing the same codename and powers.
I’m not taking under consideration the latest ‘Necrosha’ story line, which to be honest looks good (so far).

On a similar issue, I came across and read 2 graphic novels based on X-Men that I really liked and recommend to anyone who might be interested that hasn’t read them.

The first is the Marvel Secret Wars:

The second is the ‘X-Men VS Avengers’:

That’s enough for today... I can leave my geek side for now to rest... May the force be with you...


  1. I totally love x-men. I wish I put more dedication into reading the comics now. Was a little more addicted when I was younger.


  2. I got the x-men vs avengers trade recently too. Good wasn't it?

  3. @Ryan_O Yes, I used to be much more hooked on them when younger, but I still do enjoy them

    @Dyl. Yes, it's very good. It's an era of the X-Men I don't know much about... I don't even know how Magneto became their leader in the first place.

  4. That's a nice rant - I've personally got to the point where I try to just take the good stories for what they are, enjoying them and considering each of them to be in their own "micro-continuity". And I keep in mind that at some point down the road most, if not all, of them are going to be undone or contradicted in some way or another. But you just gotta love how Kitty died in Astonishing X-Men, that was a beautiful, poignant finale to the series.

    About the trades, I read Secret Wars recently after many, many years, and I don't think time has been very kind to it, unfortunately. But X-Men vs. Avengers is still pretty solid!

  5. @James. I agree with you on that... How Kitty died was indeed a nice story.

  6. You know, I would've read more comics if I'd known they had gay characters! I think that might have made my teenage life a smidge easier. One of my friends is a comic fanatic, and on occasion buys something that she thinks I may enjoy. :-)

  7. @Gauss_Jordan There are gay characters in comics, just not that many of them. For example you can check Northstar in X-Men: