Wednesday, 6 January 2010


January is not a very good month, in general:
  • Holiday season is over
  • Next bank holiday is in April
  • Your bank balance is down
  • You’ve been paid before Christmas and spent everything before New Year
  • You credit card debt has skyrocketed
  • Energy bills / taxes / transportation expenses / VAT went up
  • You’ve gained weight
  • Almost everybody’s grumpy (and complaining to you)
  • It’s ‘sales’ season (and the only thing you can do is window shop)
  • Etc
Mostly it’s about the “Money” (and the lack of it, at the moment)

However, when I turn my head and watch the snow falling outside I cannot but smile.
It’s so beautiful outside…


  1. Heh. That's actually quite true. I use to track my spending, and whenever I log in now I see a new alert telling me that I've exceeded some budget or another.

    Fortunately I just refinanced my house so $2,000 or so was freed up for December and January. :-D Unfortunately I had to cut a check for $4,400 to refinance, lol. I'll get it back around February once property taxes are paid... stupid escrow accounts.

  2. we have only 1 credit card- used for emergency

    we keep all receipts and consolidate our expenditures together

    we cook our dinner every night

    we save 60% from our salary for savings

    darling. if u do these alone, u re happy men indeed. the reality check is " will u be able to do it?"

  3. awesome pic!

    at least, for once in my life, i've lernt how to budget properly and I will still have money untill the end of Jan! yay for me.

    Have a great day :)

  4. @GJ Although you are in a differently league than mine, having a place of your own, you know what I mean…

    @StevieB & @NewLeaf Thanks, but I cannot take credit for it. It’s not mine (I’m sorry to say)

    @Suf_n_Steve The answer to your question is negative. I don’t think I can do all these things. I’m trying thought but I’ve recently realised how expensive dating can be…

    @wozzel I still have to reach that goal. I’m trying though. I’ll probably be eating dust bunnies until the end of the month…