Monday, 20 August 2012

TMI Thursday - Books

I saw that in Jim's blog who took it from Sean on his TMI Thursday challenge last week and I thought of taking part... Better late than ever...

1. eBooks or real books? If an eBook: Kindle, Nok or other? I generally love the feeling of holding a real book. However, for practical reasons when I commute to work I’m holding a kindle. So, I’m a person that has a real book on his nightstand and a Kindle in my bag.

2. Which book are you currently reading? Matter by Ian M. Banks

3. How many books have you read in 2012? How has reading blogs, FB, and/or tweeting affected your book reading? According to my Kindle, I’ve read 11 books since January. I also know I’ve finished 3 normal books during that time. So, I’m at number 15 at the moment. FB, blogs, tweets etc haven’t affected me on my reading. I read in the tube, underground, where there is no internet reception and in bed, where I don’t use any electronic (reading) devices.

  4. What genre(s) of book do you enjoy reading? I like reading crime novels, historic fiction, fantasy books and sometimes general fiction. If something catches my eyes, I’ll read it. I’m not that fussed about the genre. I’ve read almost everything in the past

5. Have you read the Kama Sutra or The Joy of Sex? Helpful? Funnily enough I run into my parents’ Kama Sutra many years ago. That’s a bit weird, I know. We generally never discuss anything about sex. Then, I only went through the pictures but that’s it. I wasn’t interested. Nowadays, I own a ‘Joys of Gay Sex’ book. I don’t think it was that helpful and the only chapter I really read was about hygiene and diseases…

What was the first erotic novel you read that matched your sexual orientation? I’ve never read an erotic novel. I was never interested. I have come across books with gay characters though unexpectedly, which was always a pleasant surprise. From the top of my head is the ‘Magician Trilogy’ by Trudi Canavan. That’s a very good Fantasy book where I wouldn’t expect to find gay characters…


  1. I looked up Matter and wow! It sounds complicated! I can see why I don't read much science fiction! Yikes

    1. It's not that bad. It is very well written and I don't think you'll have a problem

  2. keep reading - hurrah for books !