Friday, 17 February 2012


I’m so happy its Friday today. I had a difficult week but I’m happy it’s over. I mentioned in the past about me being dragged into an intercompany dispute about which technology is better, in terms of outcome and cost, to use in a project. After the third or fourth meeting the high managers decided in our favour! Yay! Congratulations to us. We won! However, that meant that I had to be part of the rival team to show them how to do things our way. Well, they weren’t that happy having me, the enemy, over, taking control of things. So, during the whole week I was based in our other building, in the City area, trying to do my job ignoring the grunts, complaints etc of my ‘lovely’ colleagues. The first couple of days were bad but to be honest the situation improved over time. Now, we are almost done and everybody’s happy. Hopefully next mid-week, I’ll be back to my normal position, in my normal desk.

On the other hand, changing offices wasn’t that bad, but rather enjoyable. I’ve realised that I’m generally adaptable. That’s probably something good I picked up during my army year. I don’t mind getting a new working place. It doesn’t take me long to familiarise myself to the new environment, the new people or surrounding areas of the building to get lunch. I even like the change of scenery once in a while. Getting to the area in the morning rush has been more difficult, but it was fine.

Changing the subject, I’d like to say that I’m beginning to feel we’re very unlucky when it comes to picking concerts we want to go to. First strike was George Michael. We had ordered tickets online for his concert with the London Symphony Orchestra (I think) in Earl’s Court that was supposed to take place in December. Then he went and got pneumonia and the concert got postponed. OK, I have to admit that during his first appearance after the cancelation he did look very sickly and underweight. We had bought tickets online though that were supposed to be delivered two weeks before the concert. The cancelation though was announced before that, so the tickets were never delivered. Hopefully, when the new dates for his concerts will be announced we will get the tickets and everything will be fine. Unfortunately we are a bit worried about this. The website where we bought the tickets hasn’t been too helpful providing information. They barely speak English. We do have confirmation emails. There is also a big ‘if’ though, if we will be able to make the new dates. George posted a couple of very cute pictures by the sea enjoying himself with his boyfriend somewhere in the South Hemisphere recently, so he is recovering quite nicely.

George with the porn star Isaac Mazar on holidays

Second strike was Madonna. Last week, Friday, we bought some not so very cheap tickets to see her live this summer in Hyde Park. I’ve seen her live before and it was always a very nice experience. She puts on quite a good show. From the distance of the stage, the veins in her hands are not visible. She doesn’t look that scary. JJ hasn’t seen her live and he’s quite excited about it. However, not even a week passed and there are articles on the papers on how big concerts in Hyde Park are too noisy for the people living close by. They’d like to cancel all big events taking place there! Hopefully if something like that happens, it will be in force from next year, or Madonna, being the control professional freak she is, will find another big venue to organise her concert. We’ll see.


  1. I MUST see Madonna when she tours the states... and she's coming to my city!

  2. @cb did you manage to find tickets?