Saturday, 4 February 2012

My day in pictures

This is my day in pictures! It was really nice and I wanted to share it with you. 

On the way to the tube station this afternoon. It's pretty cold and that's JJ with his very cute hood.

We went to see the exhibition of David Hockney in Royal Academy of Arts. I have to admit that I didn't know much about him before today. Going to the exhibition was JJ's idea. I really liked Hockney's work though. He paints landscapes during different times of the year, demonstrating mostly the changes of nature's colours.

A visit to Wagamama for lunch. That's me looking really happy in front of a plate of duck gyoza and another one of ebi gyoza.

Then we went for a coffee in Soho,

where we had amazing deserts. That's oreo key lime pie. Yes, it was as amazing as it looks!!!

Next stop was a 'National Geographic' store with some friends for a second coffee. I went for a really nice Earl Grey though.

The time was getting a bit late and it started snowing!

The snowfall became a bit heavier! That's yours truly in the back garden!

That's Mojito in the front garden! It's so nice being indoors, warm and watching the snow flakes outside.


  1. Please don't say you went to Wagama's on Lexington St. Otherwise it will be the second time we were in the same place at the very same time (we had lunch, me cha han) between 1pm-2pm there.


  2. Looks like fun-- but stay warm!!

  3. @MadeInScotland. lol... Close enough. We went to the one next to Haymarket Road around 3. :-)

    @cb Thanks. I'm trying to stay warm

  4. Lovely photos; you have snow - I am mad jealous!

  5. Could you give JJ a message from me please. Ask him to face the camera and give us a big smile :-)

  6. @Ur-Spo Yes, snow. It didn't last long last weekend but we wait the second wave this weekend I think...

    @Cubby I will. :-)

  7. How weird is it that the only time I thought it snowed in London was when the Doctor saved the planet. With the snow being ash, of course.

  8. @Erik Rubright. Of course... :-p