Wednesday, 29 February 2012


I fear that there’s something wrong with my gaydar. It’s not working properly, especially with younger people and / or metrosexuals. Maybe the times have changed and the youngsters behave differently nowadays. I’ve even more confused with certain cultures like the Italians, Spanish, or even the Greeks, after living in the UK for the last years. There are lots of straight Greek guys out there that look gay to me.

I was watching the other day, a very silly TV program called ‘Playing it Straight’. The show’s very similar to the ‘Bachelorette’ but with a twist. There’s a girl and around 10 boys. Boys try to win the girl’s heart. However not all of them are telling the truth. Some of them are gay. At the end if the girl picks the straight boy, they both get £25k. If the girl picks the gay boy, he gets £50k on his own. The quality of the show is very low to say the least. The boys need to prove their manhood (in comparison to their gayness) by wining challenges. Some of the challenges are ridiculous like working on a fish boat cleaning fresh fish or knowing how to use a compass and a map. The stereotypes used could be plain insulting but the show wasn’t taking itself too seriously and the narration done by the very camp comedian Alan Carr gave it a funny twist at times.

At the end the girl chose a straight guy (or that is what he said) and it ended happily ever after. However, the whole process made me think. Firstly, there was a set of twin boys in the show. It proved at the end that they were both gay. That is the second occurrence I know where twins share the same sexual orientation. The other is from two sisters I know in Greece. I was wondering, is that common? When one of the twin’s gay, is the other one as well?

Secondly, the guy who won didn’t really look straight. He was as camp as a Christmas Tree at times and I’ve always put him in gay group. He also had a tribal tattoo on his lower back that I think is more easily fashioned by gay guys. OK, I know that someone’s campness is not always an indicator, but… I also have to admit that being gay, makes me find more gay traits in people. Maybe it’s wishful thinking

PS. I love the date today! Happy leap year to everybody!


  1. The sexuality of twins is a really interesting subject. The fact that some sets of twins are both gay while other sets are mixed, whether the twins grow up together or are separated at birth, shows that sexuality is not determined purely by DNA or purely by environment. Both the genome and the epigenome are factors, and we are only just beginning to understand how they work to affect sexuality.

    I'm with you on the broken gaydar. Mine's never worked. But for me it's more than just my gaydar. I cannot take a hint if you wrapped it up and threw it at me. So not only do I not have a functioning gaydar, I don't have any sort of radar.

  2. My gaydar has never worked. I don't even think it was installed, actually. I've been in a gay bar and not even known it!

  3. It is getting more and more confusing. Straights despise us; then they imitate us. In a way this is a positive thing viz. less 'us vs. them'. But it makes it harder to figure out who is who.
    Happily the bottom line remains constant - the two things that separate the breeders from the queers!

  4. It's really simple....

    The difference between a straight guy and a bi guy is 5 beers.

  5. My gaydar has been faulty for years!

  6. I look at it this way... sexuality is a fluid thing. Especially if that fluid is beer, then who knows WHO you can get in the sack?

  7. @Cubby I don't know about the twins. I need a bigger sample of test subjects. How many gay twins do you know?

    @Erik_Rubright lol... I think that I'd notice being in a gay bar... Hopefully?

    @Ur-Spo I hadn't really put too much thought of 'breeders' imitating the 'queers'. You're right in a way

  8. @jp 5, huh? I need to put that theory to the test

    @Stephen Chapman Exactly how I feel

    @cb beer again... I need to try this.