Friday, 1 July 2011

There is nothing more I can do…

I’ve talked (twice) for silly clarifications to the people from the third company that is supposed to check my references and info from my CV. Today, I went to the doctor for my medical! I was poked, checked and I gave various body liquids to them. In a way I can understand that they need a medical verification for me. They wouldn’t like to hire someone for example with substances abuse. However, the whole thing did feel a bit intrusive. On the good side I’m getting a full check up from a very expensive private practice all paid by my new company. I will be receiving the results and a simple ‘yes’ / ‘no’ note from the doctor.

What’s a relief now is the fact that there is absolutely nothing more I can do. My reference checks and medical should come back fine and I should have a clear to go next week. What’s left is the two weeks to pass to start in my new role!!!

During these two weeks I have 10 days of holidays. I need the diversion and stress relief. July will be a very exciting month for me.

Speaking of which, we are in July already! I hope you have a very nice month!


  1. these pre-work intrusive exams are a bit bogus; for what stops you from going to pieces after starting the job. And we look for the wrong things really.
    I like your comment there is nothing more to do so let it be - sensible fellow!

  2. @Ur-Spo thanks. :-) The worst thing the doctor can I find (I hope) is slightly high cholesterol. I don't think they will not hire me because of this...