Friday, 1 July 2011

Quick question

I have two very quick questions:

When does a date become a boyfriend/girlfriend?

When does a boyfriend/girlfriend become family?


  1. I have quick answer to ur Q! darlinggg...hehe

    We took over 2 years before moving n living together @official bf kinda

    and keep ur family away from ur relationship matter...hehehe

    happy parade day lol!

  2. Tough questions...

    No easy answers to these - I think it's one of those 'it depends' situations. When you feel its right I suppose!

    That's no help at all.

  3. It is like the fall of Rome, nobody can pinpoint the end; the official answers are when you two say it is so; out loud.

    When they become family? I think when you start taking them to holiday happenings.

  4. @MadeInScotland That's one way of looking at it. True...

    @Suf_n_Steve 2 years... Fair enough...

    @Stephen_Chapman Exactly what I was thinking. It depends. But I wouldn't like to rush or stall things.

  5. @Ur-Spo lol... Do you mean family events?

  6. What a tough question, and one which I am not qualified to answer. All I can say is that I knew Greg and I would be spending the rest of our lives together within the first two weeks of our initial meeting, and so did he.

  7. I could only answer that for myself and the other half. I think everyone has to come up with their own answer.

    How's that for avoiding the question? ;-)

  8. @Cubby that's sweet...

    @Erik Rubright well done... You managed to avoid the question quite well. Thank you... :-)

  9. It's funny... I accidentally asked question 0: "When does dinner out become a 'Date?'" over the weekend when visiting my one friend left in Memphis (who happens to be gay.

  10. @Gauss_Jordan hmmmm... Maybe when you touch your dinner mate accidentally on his hand or leg?