Monday, 4 July 2011

London Pride 2011

This Saturday it was the London Pride. It's the third annual event I attend. The first time I went, after living for years in a very conservative Greek town I was mesmerised! Each year I am becoming less and less impressed but to be honest it's a fun day out!

Apart from the 'colorful' characters marching, I truly enjoy watching the forces taking a stand, the youths being optimistic for a better future and the charities hoping to get more supporters.

I took lots and lots of pictures. I've separated them in two groups and I'm uploading them to you. I hope you like them.

You can always click to enlarge.

looking at you looking at me

Member of the taekwondo team


Members of the football team

The London Gay Symphonic Winds

The swimming team

Bears parading

The Soho Street Party


  1. I loved the parading bears, and the trombone player. Trombonists are my fave since I like the practice my rusty trombone technique so much.

    There was one guy in a gray t-shirt with the depiction of the woman holding the scales of justice in one hand, a bullhorn in the other, and wearing a Darth Vader helmet. What does that mean? So weird.

  2. Are those foxes on his shoulders ?!?

  3. My gosh - this looks like the best Pride I've seen pics of...there's a cross section from every walk here - sports, the uniforms, Stonewall (that's awesome); the hot twaekwando guy (ummmm); football - it seems to be well represented.

    Awesome pics - I love the one with the river of the pride flag - I felt elated when I saw the Stonewall pic!


  4. What's with the foxes (I think?) on the bear? Is that a British thing?

  5. @Cubby The trombone player looks really cute, I know. It's a shame I never learned to play a music instrument to join them...
    I think the Darth Vader helmet represents the future. How things can change...

    @Removals London. Yes, I think they are... Who knows?

  6. @SteveA Yes, it was quite fun and divert. I can send to you my flickr account. I must have taken more than 170 pictures that day...

    @Erik_Rubright. Yes, it's a British thing. The leader of the pack has to carry them around. They sell them in special shops. You'll see them all around these parts.

  7. @Nik: That's just... odd. But at least it's easier to tell the Alpha that way.

  8. Looks fun. :-) I'm kind of bummed that we moved Austin pride to the fall.

  9. I love how the london "bears" are really just muscular guys who haven't shaved their bodies.

  10. @Erik_Rubright That's true...

    @Gauss_Jordan Why did you move it? Isn't there a chance that the weather will be bad then?

    @cb Thank you. :-)