Thursday, 28 July 2011

New Beginnings

After the endings (see previous post) new beginnings commence… I started my new job this Monday!!!

I have to admit that I didn’t sleep that well on Sunday night! It’s not like I was stressed about the job itself, I knew that the first day would be uneventful. However, I had a constant worry about being late! I kept on waking up every hour, an hour and half, startled checking the clock. At the end I arrived well in advance and I had a coffee in a nearby coffee shop.

My first days at work were pretty much as expected. Most of my new colleagues are away on holidays and there are many empty desks at the moment. I’m being told everything I need to know about the systems I’ll be handling. The data stored is related to the finances of the company. There are things and procedures I’m not familiar with but I hope I’ll be fine. I’m not worried about the IT stuff, although the responsibility level has increased since the data is related to lots and lots of thousands of pounds.

My new manager is quite a character. He is fairly short and round with long beard. The only thing missing is an axe and he could play a dwarf at Lord of the Rings. He does swear a lot and is so politically incorrect. The first day he mentioned some stuff to me I would never ever say to a person I first met! Thus, I might need to increase my ‘macho’ level. Maybe start frantically following a soccer team, pick my nose in public once or twice, scratch my balls or spit on the floor! OK, that might be a bit too much… At first I was worried but I saw my younger female colleague telling him off so much, it was quite funny. He even accepts it with a loud laughter. So, hopefully he is a dog who barks but doesn’t bite. I’ll be a bit careful though.

You’ll have to excuse me though because I will be blogging less frequent than before. I can’t type anything while being at work now. I’m in probation period anyway and I have to be extra careful. In addition, while being in the office I am generally more tense than before in an unfamiliar new environment with all this new things to learn. That means that when I get home I feel pretty exhausted and I don’t even turn my PC on.
At least I look good in a suit…


  1. Good luck with the new job. I always feel as if my learning curve is more vertical than anything the first 6mos of any job. I'm sure you'll do just fine and I hope you can connect with some of your workers; it does make the day pass more quickly and pleasantly.


  2. congratulations on the new job! I agree, he should be prudent about talking about work on your blog. After all, “everybody is reading this”.

  3. Γαμώτο, γιατί να μη ξύνεις τ'άρχίδια σου; Κωλοάγγλοι.

  4. I'm excited for you Nik. Good luck with the job and your new colleagues.

  5. congrats on your new job! i can imagine you must be really excited but at the same time exhausted. it always takes a while before you get comfy. hang in there!

    loved your description of your boss. haha. a character from lord of the rings!

    good luck. :)

  6. @Bosguy Thank you

    @suf_n_Steve Thanks. :-)

    @Ur-Spo I know... Everybody... :-D

  7. @Vilges_Suola lol! (I can't type Greek from here). The manager is from Czech Republic.

    @Cubby thanks

    @Luuworld. Thanks... :-D