Friday, 6 August 2010

Ugliest Tattoos

What really made me laugh yesterday was a website of ugly tattoos that Erik posted! It’s a website of such ugly tattoos, you’ll be amazed. I really can’t see what people were thinking when doing them. Most of them are amazingly big and last forever.

It made me remember two people that I saw on the street with tattoos that where never meant to be made. The first one was a huge tattoo of Johnny Depp dressed like ‘Mad Hatter’ from ‘Alice in Wonderland’. That guy had Johnny’s face tattoo to cover his whole arm. It was very big and very ugly. Unfortunately, this particular tattoo is popular since I saw it in the ugly tattoos website as well!

The second one was from a guy I saw in the tube. He had a Greek word made on his leg. Unfortunately he misspelled it! He wanted to write the word ‘love’ in Greek but instead of writing it as ‘αγάπη’ he had it done as ‘άγαπη’. It might not seem such a big difference but that word does not mean anything and is read quite differently. The thing is that it’s a tattoo. You have to double check that you’ve spelled it right before doing it. It will be there for a long time. From his accent I thought he sounded American. I was thinking of going there and speaking to him but I decided not to. Most likely he already knows. If not, it’s better never to learn…

I leave you for now with some nice pictures of hideous tattoos:

Wolverine on 'My little Pony'! I have no words...

On your face...

The big crack

No words...

Oh, why?

music taste...

Speechless yet again

I think the unicorn is high....

Last but not least... Simple Class


  1. I think it's just that some people are just impulsive and dont think about when they are older and have a wrinkled Johnny Depp on their body.

  2. @Stephen Chapman I don't know if you'd call it being impulsive or something slightly more harsh...

  3. They are all pointless and ugly - I mean if your getting something on your body at least get someting "classy" and that can be a "good conversation piece".

  4. It's odd how some of them are so well done, but the content is soooooo horrible at the same time. And then some are just artistic train wrecks.

  5. @SteveA OK, some of the tattoos seen here are indeed a good conversation piece, just not a positive one... No, I don't think 'class' is related...

    @Erik You're right, some of them are well done but horrible nonetheless. Some other, on the other hand...

  6. I would never look for Waldo there...

  7. @Jules Poor Waldo. The things he has to suffer!

  8. I really like the guy escaping from the butt crack!!

  9. @Cubby Do you want one same tattoo?

  10. So that’s where Waldo’s been all along. No wonder no one can find him. Poor Waldo. Oh, the horrors he must’ve seen! Wolverine on My Little Pony? Well, someone was high on something when they got that done. And the others? I don’t even. I’m 500% done. These people should have a tattoo that tells tattoo artists not to get them a tattoo! These are just horrible!

    Sabrina Horton @ LaserSkinSolutions-LakeWorth