Friday, 13 December 2013

Change of habits and beliefs?

So, I went to Greece to see my parents last weekend. It was a very nice and relaxing short brake. I hadn't told my friends I'd be there, since my visit was so short and I really wanted to spend time with my parents. There was the customary abundance of food. My mother had asked me about the daily menu weeks before. And the interrogation by my father about my career was also there. We always go into that routine where he asks me about work and gives me more or less the same advice over and over again. All that lies somewhere between being annoying and sweet at the same time.

Things were different though. Since now I own a place with JJ, his name came up a few more times than normal, even by my father. Since he's more practical, he wanted to know my financial situation in general and I was asked about the expenses of its maintenance, the mortgage payments and scheduled work to the house and how they will be funded. It was nice that he showed this kind of interest. I don't talk to my father about personal stuff, but we can find some common ground and talk about practicalities and money.

My mother's the opposite. She is the one to ask me about more personal stuff. Her ways are different. She would look deep into my eyes and without blinking, she'd ask if I'm OK. It’s difficult not to laugh when she does that. I had a conversation with her about life in general one morning in the car. We agreed that each person makes his or her own choices and since I’m not harming anyone, it’s not anyone’s business about what I do with my life.

She mentioned something to me that troubled me a lot though. She was told by a common “friend” that I shouldn’t put photos on Facebook! That asshole “friend” implied that 'JJ' was featured and mentioned in my Facebook page a lot and I shouldn't be doing that! I urged my mother to tell me who that twat guy was, but she didn't. The only thing I know is that he’s around 40 years old, which makes him young enough to know better!

I realised that my parents are victims of homophobic remarks on my behalf. This is something I suspected in the past, but it was never confirmed. I should be more understanding and nice to them. I live in UK which is in general a far more accepting society! Next year after the 29th of March, marriages will be legal here. Smaller communities in Greece are not like that. Homophobia and racism is still a reality there. I live too far away from there and sometimes I forget how it is.

Overall though, it was a very nice long weekend. I spent time with my parents and talked about lots of things that brought us closer. Maybe I’m getting more mature. Maybe the fact that my parents will be grandparents (from my brother) soon, made them gain a new perspective in things. We'll see how it goes, but for the moment it’s all good.


  1. Thanks for the updates. The FB issue was the most intriguing part of the tale,

    1. You're very welcome. I'm starting to believe that FB is doing much more harm than it should...