Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Rumbling Wednesday…

Some years ago I went on one of these dates from hell! He was a Greek guy so I thought that we could easily find some common ground to talk about. Furthermore, I found him from his online pictures cute which is always a plus. Unfortunately the date was anything but good. For a start, the guy didn’t look anything like his pictures. I found out that with the proper light and photo angle you can hide your (very) thinning hair and 20 kilos. I am a gentleman though, so we went for coffee and dinner.

The conversation wasn’t exactly flowing. He didn’t have many interests and he wasn’t too good in small talk either. In general, there are some topics that most people can comment or talk about. These can include cinema, hobbies, travelling, maybe a theatre play or a museum visit or even talk about living in a foreign country. Unfortunately, he didn’t go to the cinema, to museums or to the theatre, he didn’t like travelling since he finds it too much of a trouble without any gain and he found living in London not that exciting! The only thing that he was passionate about was a female Greek singer. He was obsessed with her. He totally loved her. He’s been to almost all her concerts, he believes she’s the most beautiful / talented / extraordinary person on Earth. He was even a creator of a fan club and believe this: He even met her ONCE backstage! Needless to say I wasn’t very impressed but total bored. Apparently, his only friends were the other (crazy) people of that fan club and they organised gatherings to passionately talk about her, create t-shirts, find photos etc.

I don’t know why but I kind of felt sorry for him, so I agreed on a second coffee. During that second meeting, he told me that the next day, it was his birthday so lots of people would go out to celebrate! I thought that it might be a nice opportunity to meet new people and broaden my social circle. Unfortunately, by lots of people he meant two female colleagues and another Greek guy, ‘C’, who he also met on two dates before that night, exactly like me. I wasn’t expecting this but ‘C’ became a very good friend of mine.

I remembered this story because I saw ‘C’ yesterday for dinner and some drinks. He works for a multinational top end technology company with offices everywhere, including of course California. He’s already started the process of being transferred there. He was in San Francisco earlier this year and he told me some really nice stories about some ‘underground’ bear parties he’s been to. Exciting stuff. On one hand I’ve been thinking it’s been long since I went there and on the other hand I was thinking of giving ‘C’ my CV. You never know.

My friendship with ‘C’ has good foundations. We don’t see each other that often, even if we live in the same city, but I like catching up with him from time to time. He’s more of a night-to-early-in-the-morning person than I am. He likes his night life and he’s into the good parties. I do go out at night but I generally wake up when he goes to bed. I used to follow him a lot in various night clubs some years ago. That was before moving out from the city centre and ‘settling down’ with JJ. It’s funny but I’ve never been out dancing like I used to with ‘JJ’. The few times I went out dancing the last couple of years, I did it without him. Don’t ask me exactly why. ‘C’ has already arranged in which club he’s going on Friday. Maybe I should take ‘JJ’ and go along…

Are there things you used to do and then stopped when you entered a relationship? And I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. I’m just thinking that it’s a normal way of how things evolve. In the future I might start going on couples’ holidays that I’ve never done before for example. I’m becoming one of the ‘we’ people that Carrie Bradshaw used to hate so much.


  1. Ah, those shocking dates we've had... and the friends we've made going on them! I like to think of my relationship as a transition, to proper grown up stuff. I don't go out 'clubbing' any more, and my pharmaceutical repertoire has diminished markedly. The wilder aspects of my sex life/drive are curbed, and the house is a lot cleaner. But! I have couple type stuff, like the holidays, dinner parties, pets. It's all one phase leading into another... bed baths and zimmer frames soon enough!!


  2. love this post! i soooo enjoy "dates from hell" stories. they're strangely comforting, cause i've been on a few myself....

    and the thing about photos: yeah, i'm amazed at what a good angle + lighting can do! oh well. at least you got a good friend through the bad date! :)

  3. I think I dated the same fellow.

  4. @Mike Don't you miss it at all? I can understand it's part of the growing up process, but still...

    @MadeInScotland So do I...

    @Luuworld lol. Yes, I have some of these stories to share as well...

  5. Yes, life changes when relationships start up. In my case, I was thankful for it. I had no life at all before I met Greg. He saved me.