Monday, 4 April 2011

Sunday day out

We had a really nice day yesterday…

I’m so glad that the weather is getting milder and the daylight lasts longer. I woke up yesterday at JJ’s place a bit late. After having some ‘quality’ time in bed we got ready to head to the city centre.

I am not very keen on the idea of going to London’s centre, especially on a Sunday. There are some places so crowded that I avoid like the Pope avoids gay saunas (Camden Market, Oxford Circus etc). However, the day was nice and we had a shopping list that we had to finish. We did negotiate other shopping destinations but we agreed to give it a try…

Our first stop was ‘Le Pain Quotidien’ close to the Waterloo station. I totally love this place on a Sunday morning for a nice (and somewhat healthy) breakfast and lunch options. I am a sucker for bakes and quiches and I have to say that the ‘spinach and feta’ quiche there is quite good.

nice breakfast to begin a nice day

From there we walked towards the ‘7 Dials’ area and the ‘Long Acre’. That area has a very good variety of shops. After checking some of them we ended in the ‘Nike’ on Neal’s street. There we finalised our outfit for this Sunday’s half marathon. The moment we saw this t-shirt we agree to wear it. Yes, we will be wearing matching t-shirts:

that's the t-shirt we'll be wearing

I hope the other contestants will accept the irony and laugh. I do expect some people to frown or make nasty comments though. My housemate said that we might be on the news…

Anyway, after that I managed to find a nice leather jacket. I never had one and I think that it’s a classic piece that if chosen correctly can be used for years to come. I went for something black, with fine lines and soft leather that I hope will last long:

that's the jacket I got

Our day out in the city ended with a couple of drinks in Soho, the London’s gaybourhood, at the ‘Yard’ and a nice Mexican dinner at ‘wahaca’. I don’t usually go for Mexican food. When in central London I usually prefer oriental cuisine, Japanese, Chinese or Thai. However, we decided to give it a try. Mexican food is not that common at this side of the pond. The last time I had Mexican must have been more than a year ago, but how much noodles or sushi can a guy have? In addition, a couple of nice Margaritas to accompany dinner can help you eat almost anything. I wasn’t disappointed though. We went for a variety of ‘street food’ as they call it that includes tacos, quesadillas and tostadas, most of them quite spicy and very tasteful.

Overall, we had such a nice time yesterday. I hope you had a good weekend as well.


  1. Love the tees, love the jacket - I would say a very fruitful day in town.
    I spent Sunday on the coach nursing my hangover.

  2. Wearing matching t-shirts for the half marathon is a great idea. I'm hope the weather's good for you fellas.

  3. @Juz... lol... I assume coach = couch? Having a hungover means you had a great time the night before ?

    @Cubby Thanks. I'll take pictures

    @Stephen Chapman Hi, Banana Republic. Why?

  4. I like the jacket - I actually tried it on! but the arms were too long on me.


  5. @Stephen Chapman We have the same (good) taste in clothes. :-) Sorry it didn't fit that well though.

  6. I'm not really sure about the jacket but your t-shirt is awesome for the marathon. have fun running in it. work it boy! =))

    your silent reader,