Thursday, 28 April 2011

Going away…

I’m flying to Greece tonight, to my parents’.
I haven’t been there since Christmas which is not that long but I think it would be nice to go. I can’t stand the “excitement” of the Royal Wedding anyway and I can’t wait for it to finish. I know that I will not avoid the silly thing even there. This is an invitation I found on a friend’s facebook page:

Apparently you can watch the whole thing live from the Hilton hotel in Athens for a small fee… This is so revolting. Look at that pink colour!

Anyway, the bright side: I’m off for some nights. It’s not like I haven’t been away recently (in Edinburgh two weeks ago) but my parents want me to go and I don’t mind. I haven’t informed most of my friends since my visit is quite short. So, I plan to keep it low and try to get some rest. I’m not going to run around like a headless chicken trying to see everybody. My experience tells me that I will probably run into the people I am now trying to avoid, but probably that’s my cynicism talking…

I’ll try to get some photos and I’ll ‘see’ you in May! Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. It's my understanding that they matched the pink of the invitations to Kate's labia.

  2. luckily i left london before the wedding madness started! (unfortunately) it will be all over the norwegian media & tv tomorrow, but luckily i can avoid it by pushing the "off" switch....have a good time in greece! :)

  3. I am mad-jealous!
    After years of taking Greek history, reading the classics etc. I so long to see Greece someday. Please say hello to Agamemnon for me.

  4. It's coming...

  5. Cheers. I really want to visit the Mediterranean. Greece, Turkey, Italy... I'm jealous that you can visit so many places with just a short plane ride.

  6. @cb Could be... I don't think they could easily find worse colour than that.

    @Cubby Thanks. :-)

    @Luuworld Thanks. I don't think the whole world will be able to avoid it...

  7. @Ur-Spo I will. Although I am not good at remembering names and dates, I also our history, mythology and the classics...

    @Stephen_Chapman Thanks for reminding me.

    @Gauss_Jordan I'm not complaining. I love traveling so much. The States do have an interesting diversity as well. And I would love to visit central and south America at some point...