Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Five on the fifth

It's the 5th of the month and this month's theme is 'Blur'. My first thought was the band but it wasn't very easy for me to go and take a picture of the band, so...
This is my first attempt to participate so be nice to me...

My keyboard at work - Every day's friend and foe

JJ's helping me as well. He's got the artistic eye


The Hammersmith bridge

St. Paul's through the eyes of another building


  1. I love the St. Paul's reflection!

  2. The last picture is awesome! But the bridge comes in a close second!

  3. The keyboard pic is good and also the one of you and St. Paul's. All great pics!

  4. I love St. Paul's.

    Too bad the pic of you is unclear. ;)


  5. i like every day snapshots! thanks for sharing. cool picture of you. very artistic :)

  6. yes I'd like to see a clearer look of you too ;)

  7. @Cubby Thanks. The church is very beautiful and I couldn't resist taking the picture on Sunday's sunset.

    @Jim Thanks.

    @Biki Thanks. I feared that the bridge picture is a bit embarrassing since it means that I don't have stable enough hands

  8. @SteveA Thanks

    @NewLeaf The theme is 'blurry' that is why my picture is blurry as well. I was intentional. :-p
    You will find a couple of pictures of me on the blog now scattered around...

    @Luuworld thanks

    @Adam Check my brother's visit and my trip to Venice. I think you'll find something there