Friday, 15 April 2011

Quiet evening in…

After spending the last few days out of town, we decided with JJ to lay low, stay in, eat home cooked food and watch a movie. So, I decided yesterday to cook some nice dinner for both of us while JJ provided the entertainment…

It’s no secret that I love seafood and fish in general. I can eat almost everything that comes from the sea. I used to go fishing with my grandfather when I was a child and we used to eat what we caught. What we didn’t eat on the day it was caught, it was put into the freezer to be consumed the days when the weather didn’t allow us to go fishing. In his house if you didn’t eat fish, you simply starved. I learned how to take the bones out of them even before learning how to properly hold a knife.

So, I decided yesterday to make a fish pie. I went to the supermarket and I got the following:
400gr of boneless smoked haddock, 400gr of boneless white cod, 4 eggs, 1 onion, 0.5 pint of milk, 1 kg of potatoes, parsley and I used some of the butter and seasoning I had at home.

For the base of the pie I placed the fish in a frying pan with 500ml of milk and the onions chopped in quarters. I turned the heat on till the milk started boiling and then I left to simmer for 10 minutes till the fish was tender. I removed the onions and kept the milk for the mash potatoes. I cut the fish in chunks and put them in the tray where the fish pie would be baked.

I hard boiled 4 eggs for 8-9 minutes. I left them a bit to cool off and then pealed and chopped them. I mixed the egg pieces and some chopped parsley with the fish in the baking tray:

Then I created the sauce for the fish. In a pot, I added approximately 100gr of butter to melt and then added 50gr of flour. Stirring the contents continuously out of the heat, I’ve slowly added the 500ml of milk used previously to cook the fish. When all milk was added, I placed the pot back for some minutes on the hob and I stirred until sauce was thicker. I’ve also added some pepper, salt and nutmeg. When that was done I added the sauce to the mix of fish and eggs. I stirred them well for the sauce to go everywhere.

I finally created the mash potatoes to seal the fish pie. In another pot I boiled the pealed and chopped potatoes for 20 minutes. When tender, I added a bit of butter and 100ml of milk. Using a potato masher I’ve created the mash potatoes that I’ve placed over the fish mix:

In a preheated oven, I baked the fish pie for 35 minutes in gas mark 6 till the mash became golden:

Recommendations: I suggest offering sex to your partner for these 35 minutes of baking to pass quicker, especially if he is very hungry in the verge of becoming grumpy. It’s an honest mistake to forget the time needed to boil the potatoes and make the mash.

Anyway, the movie we watched was ‘The girl with the dragon tattoo’. Having read the book meant that I knew the story and the ending but I have to admit that it was a very nice adaptantion. We liked the fish pie and ate most of it with a glass of white wine.


  1. If I invite you to come for a visit, will you make this for me?

  2. That looks really, really tasty. I may have to attempt it some day.

  3. What synchronicity!
    I had a fish for dinner and thought I would drop by and there it is !

  4. @Cubby Sure... I work better with my utensils but I'm pretty sure I can work with yours as easily...

    @Walt It's great. I totally loved it...

    @Ur-Spo Great men think alike... :-)