Tuesday, 8 April 2014

We've been adopted by a cat!

"Here, in my bizarre little world, lots of things happened during the last few days! I was thinking of sharing them with you in a big ‘news update’ post, but I wouldn't like to diminish their significance. So, I’ll give them to you in parts."

Part 2!
We've been adopted! By a cat!!

The last couple of weeks, numerous times, a cat came to visit. Almost all those visits had the same pattern. He / She would come right outside our back garden door and meow. (I think it's a she). She would then wait patiently for us to open the door and then followed us inside. Being really close and friendly she would wait for something to eat. Every single time, she would eat like previously famished.

The "where's my food" look

Then, according to the weather, she would either stay on the door mat next to the open door, climb on a sofa or chair, or go outside and sit on dirt and sleep. After sleeping for a bit, there would be the second round of food.

Peacefully sleeping

Even dreaming

Finally, all satisfied and happy, she would go back to sit in front of the door and meow, waiting for someone to open it for her to disappear over the garden fence. A few days later she would return. The cat doesn't have a collar, but looks really nicely home trained. She happily purrs when we’re caressing her, although gets a bit annoyed when touched while eating. She doesn't scratch nor bite though. She’s adorable…

Today, I learnt that JJ tried to bathe her!!!! She really needed one. But I wish I had a camera to document that! So, I’m not sure whether she’ll be back. Although, to be honest, I think that when she’ll be hungry next, she’ll be back…


  1. I suspect your kitty cat friend is making the rounds, hitting up all the generous folks in the neighborhood! HAHAHAHA

    There's a cat that wanders into my yard regularly, but won't take food or allow me near him/her.

    You're kind to feed the kitty. I hope she decides to stick around.

    Peace <3

    1. Nah, Misha (as we call her) is very friendly. And yes, I agree that she's probably begging for food from the whole neighborhood. She's fun to have around though.

  2. Do you have any idea how blessed you and JJ are to be "adopted" by a cat?! This is wonderful and you're good people for giving her food. She may never be yours solely but I do hope you'll enjoy her (I think it's a she, too, based on her face and the described mannerisms). Happy Purrs!

    1. I knew that you can tell the sex of a cat by the size of her head compared to the rest of the body, but how can you tell through the mannerisms?
      Happy purrs indeed...

  3. You need to make her a permanent part of your family! Adopt her and register her and get her to a vet and get her a cat bed and.....

    1. I'm not sure if she'd like it like that. I think she's more of a free spirit.