Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Where do I start? It’s been really busy the last few weeks.

First thing first, I’m on holidays next week and I really can’t wait. And I mean the kind of holidays where you really pack summer clothes, sun glasses and go to the airport to catch a flight for your destination. You must have guessed it, I’m going to Greece! I’m flying to Athens! I’m planning to see my new nephew and family. I’ll be staying over some old friends’ place for some days before JJ comes to join me the following weekend. Then, we’ll be staying in a nice hotel till we fly back the week after.

I kind of ‘spoke’ to my nephew last Sunday on Skype! He was looking at me with bewilderment. He had a hiccup, so you can say he was replying to the things I was saying. Then of course he shat himself and the communication came to an end. Rude!

I went with JJ to a baby store to buy him gifts. I assumed that my nephew must have everything for now. So, we tried to think ahead and buy him winter clothes or stuff he might use later this year. We might have gone a bit overboard and got him lots of things. But we are the weird/exotic uncles from abroad. We got him a fluffy doggy, jumpers, shoes, even a towel with a hat in one corner with bear ears! It looked so cute! That boy will be so spoilt when he grows up.

In any case I’m so excited to see some of my old friends next week. I have been living in London for years but I've always kept in touch with some people I knew even since high school, even earlier. These are friendships I believe will last a lifetime. Similarly, I’m planning on seeing my family. My parents will specifically drive to Athens to see me. OK, I admit that seeing their grandson also plays a part in their decision to come, but I hope that part of them wants to see me too.

I suggested to them that’s it time to get to know JJ as well. I thought it would be a great opportunity now. The arrival of the new member of the family is such a happy event that puts them in the right state of mind. And we could only just go for a quick coffee, even just with my mother since I know my father is the problem. But alas, they ignored the invitation. Since I had told them which days I’ll be in the town and when JJ's coming, they decided to be in Athens when he’s not there.

Although disappointing, I knew that was coming. Some old ideas and bad habits are difficult to break. What I’m thinking of doing now is inviting my mother to London, just her. She hinted at some point that she might come to help us out in the refurbishment of the house. She wouldn't leave my father alone for many days, they’re inseparable, but at least she could come for a short period of time.


  1. I am sure you are going to have a wonderful time! I love new nephews (and nieces) and yeah, I spoiled mine as well! They're all adults now, and cool as can be around their crazy uncle.

    I hope your mom - and dad - finally come around. It's hard for some folks to accept a child's gayness, but at least you can still see them. Many people aren't welcome around their own parents any more.


    Peace <3

  2. HUGS! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful trip. I would love to see Greece. I'd love to see London again too! As for your family, I am sorry that this is the path they've chosen. Be strong in knowing that you and JJ are a fabulously cute couple and love conquers all.

  3. I love holidays where you only pack summer clothes. Hope your Greek holiday was fun! Congrats on being an uncle! :)

  4. I always enjoy your holidays entries; someday I wish to see Greece and they help me learn more to plan my some-day trip.