Friday, 7 June 2013

I love spring...

I have to admit that technically it’s not spring anymore, we’re in June. That month is generally associated with summer and if you were living in Greece, you would already have visited a nearby beach and started your plunges in the warm salty sea.

But this is not Greece. Winter was cold and very long. Temperatures were close to 0 for a long time. Recently, that has changed and a visit to our back garden can confirm that. Some of the roses have blossomed and there are more to come. I’m starting to see the carrots I planted earlier this year grow and the irises are so heavy with flowers they’re touching the ground. It’s not big but our back garden at the moment is my private paradise…

I’m not a great flower person. I can’t remember their names, place of origin or anything like that. But just like a very beautiful woman, when I see one, I can appreciate its beauty.

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