Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Chelsea vs Syros

It’s not really a competition; these places are as different as places can be. However, they've been in our minds a lot lately and we've been having conversations regarding them.

Chelsea, SW3 in London, is the area in my head between Sloane Square and Brompton Cemetery which will be the object of an art project taken by ‘JJ’. He needs to find and work on an architectural feature of the area. He can pick something from the whole borough. However, we decided to concentrate only on Chelsea. So, last Sunday, JJ took his camera, I took a big cup of coffee and our housemate and we headed to explore. We got off the tube in West Brompton and started zigzagging the streets.

 Really nice mews in the area

JJ took lots of photos of things that caught his attention. I managed to capture a few photos too with my phone that you can see here. The area is generally very nice with some hidden gems here and there. For example there’s the ‘World’s End’. That’s a big grey building with a massive clock on it, going backwards. I've tried to find out its story or reason of existence, but no luck.

Clock going backwards

The troubadour's door

Generally Chelsea is an area where wealthy people live. I think that ‘Cheyne Walk’ is one of the most expensive streets in the capital. And in some areas this wealth can be seen, or even advertised. Having watched an episode of the TV series ‘Made in Chelsea’, I lost a little bit of respect I had left for the people living there though. In any case, our walk was really nice, even if the weather wasn't the best. I was so excited at the end of our day to find an amazingly cute little olive tree plant at the Chelsea Gardener. I was looking for one for some time now and I finally got one!!

Goat in boots pub

Chelsea bridge

Syros on the other hand, is the place where my brother’s wedding will take place. I don’t have my own photos to show you from there yet. I visited the island when I was still studying, back in the very early 00’s for some days. It must have changed since then, I assume. Ermoupoli, its capital, is a very beautiful town built by the sea and between two big hills. It’s very picturesque with an Orthodox church on the top of one hill and a Catholic church on the other. Most of its old mansions and neo-classical buildings should still (hopefully) be there.

Syros main town, Ermoupoli

The discussions regarding the island are mainly about who’s going to be staying where and the logistics of the wedding. Apparently, it’s not that easy to organise all the relatives, especially the elders, and find means of transportation and accommodation. I thought that since they’re pensioners, they would be flexible on dates and accommodation as long as someone would drive them to places and back! Apparently, I am wrong. My parents will be driving 3 more people there and my brother has to figure out how to carry wedding dresses, traditional treats, decorations etc. I believe that he chose the island, so that he could simply sail there! That is not the case!

To be honest, I’m so happy that I can skip all that trouble. Leaving abroad, I will just fly and meet them there and most details will be taken care of!!!!


  1. The clock place is interesting. It goes to 13!

    1. I hadn't noticed that. Well spotted. I tried to get more information on that shop but I couldn't...

  2. I love the name "Goat in Boots". But I like almost anything with "goat' as it always brings out a smile in me.
    Do you know why/how the pub is named Goat in boots?

    1. No idea I'm afraid. I can't imagine there is a specific reason, but you never know...
      According to a website the pub was originally called just 'the goat' until 1725! Then it was renamed.

  3. Like Jim, I like the clock building. Especially since the time is running backwards. Maybe it should be painted TARDIS blue... ;-)

    1. lol... I didn't make the connection to TARDIS... It could work as blue though...