Sunday, 10 June 2012

Jubilee weekend

So, last week when the whole world's eyes were on London and the Queen's celebrations, we decided with JJ to rent a car and simply leave. It was the first time we had so many days off together in 2012 and we decided to have a road trip! We do love to take a car and simply drive to places. Also, we knew that watching the celebrations on the television would probably be better. The following pictures describe what we did.

Our first stop was the New Forest Wildlife Park. That picture's from the butterfly area.

Otters are so cute... 

The first time I saw a wallaby 

Lovely stickers... Can you see the 'sushi' comment on the bottom? 

Having breakfast in Bournemouth (not fish and chips) 

Playing cricket by the sea in a cold grey day...  

tempted to jump in 

Torquay: the English Riviera...  

We couldn't not have proper English tea with scones, a very camp lemon cake and everything else in old china that day!

Torquay beach when the tide is high 

Increasing my cholesterol tenfold in a Texan restaurant! Amazing food and cocktails... 

Poster in a pub. The picture's a bit blurry. Don't ask me if I had a drink earlier

Thatcher's Rock 

We had amazing time driving around the South West coast of England. I don't regret not staying in London to see the flotilla and the other celebrations live. We managed to see most of it on the television anyway. There are so many nice places to visit and see in the UK. 


  1. I never knew they had Texan restaurants!
    By the way... I don't know that many restaurants here have a fried egg on the meat like that... but the fries look about right.

    Nice pictures! I would love to drive around the UK someday.

    1. They first offered me pineapple on the steak but I refused. They then suggested replacing it with a fried egg and I couldn't say no. I couldn't help myself.
      Yes, there are a couple of Tex / Mex restaurants that specialise in ribs and steaks!

  2. The Texas restaurant thing gave me pause. I never imaged any country outside the US wanting something Texan....

    And I LOVE the Autobot logo on the Land Rover.

    1. Yes, that particular jeep was interesting...
      From Texas we only want food... Nothing else. :-)
      (not that I've ever been there. It could be nice)

  3. looks like a nice trip! i'd thought the weather would be better though. especially in Torquay? anyway. looks like you ate your way through your holiday. that's the way to do it :)

    1. The weather's been horrible the last days. It's been raining non stop...
      Yes, we do eat a lot while on holidays. :-)

  4. I was really curious whether or not you and JJ were going to escape London during the festivities. What about the Olympics? You can't leave town for two and a half weeks, can you?

    1. No, unfortunately we have to stay. Both of us have to work then. :-( I wish I could leave....

  5. Sushi... So classy.

    Obviously they don't know you can get sick from eating raw fish

  6. In a few weeks I go to a part of the world where otters are considered evil spirits and stay the heck away from them. But I find them dear.

  7. But - are you staying for the Olympics? I think it's going to be HELL....!

    Still. I'm prepared with mens' diving final tickets and a new super zoom camera, for xtreme close-ups (and I was practicing over Jubilee Weekend)

    Made in Scotland: Zoom