Friday, 18 November 2011


‘United Colors of Benetton’ is a global fashion brand based in Treviso, Italy. It was founded in 1965 by the Benetton family and nowadays it includes a network of 6000 stores in 120 countries (wikipedia).

In the past, Benetton made a name by creating a series of controversial campaigns like the one of an AIDS dying patient surrounded by his mourning family or the death row convicts. All these campaigns raised awareness on the issues they portrayed and according to my point of view should be at least respected. His latest work is called ‘Unhate’ and demonstrates global governmental or religious leaders kissing.

Commercially the campaign is very successful. It’s creating a stir promoting the brand’s clothes as it should. Taking out the logo of the brand though I have to admit that the posters / billboards / photos are trying once again to pass a positive message on the world. Just the fact that the Vatican opposed the campaign so forcefully puts a smile on my face. One of the pictures is of the Pope kissing a Muslim Imam.


  1. I realize that not everyone shares my sense of humor, but I think its hilarious and as far as ad campaigns go - the publicity is all gravy for Benetton.

  2. Interesting. I suppose the point of advertising (if I believe "Mad Men") is to get attention for your brand. What sort of attention are they attempting to attract? :-)

  3. they are known for their provokative ads
    I like the concept though, kiss and stop hate.
    Too bad so many people will find this ad repellent, alas

  4. @BosGuy I agree with you on that...

    @Gauss_Jordan Yes. Any publicity is good publicity.

    @Ur-Spo The people that will find the ad repellent are the people that need to be shocked / shaken / provoked... Maybe it will do them good. :-)

  5. I quite like the campaign. It created a stir over here as well.