Monday, 23 May 2011

Things out of the ordinary…

This weekend without being something exceptional, it involved some things out of the ordinary happening.

I’m not going to go into the rapture non-incident. It was a silly idea to begin with and stayed one. I still can’t believe how many people actually got involved and believed it…

On Saturday evening, after spending my day with ‘JJ’ and kissing him goodbye since he had to go to work, I was walking towards the bus stop that would take me home. A guy approached me. He was in his mid thirties with shaved head and wearing a football t-shirt and jeans. He told me:
‘The German Nazis are coming!’. I expected him to ask me for money or directions or something, but not a statement like that. So, my reaction was: ‘really?’ to which he replied: ‘Yes, you are warned’.

Of course, I didn’t stay to have a proper discussion about it. He was probably drunk and had his views about the world ending which was the talk of many people that day. However, in case something relevant happens, remember that one drunk prophet told me that first!


On Sunday morning I went for a spin class! I had taken two (I think) similar classes almost 1.5 years ago but I decided it was time to give it another try. The last time my personal trainer was the instructor and I thought that it would be better to try something new with an instructor I knew quite well. Unfortunately, they had given him a very early Saturday morning slot and the class wasn’t that popular, so after a while it was cancelled.

This time, I went to my local gym with an instructor I didn’t know. He’s name is Darren (or Darryl) and he seemed friendly enough. The class was packed. There were around 18 bikes, cramped in a tiny space. In order to reach the bikes in the back, you had to really try and squeeze through them. However, the class appeared to be very popular and the whole place was full. Not everybody managed to find a bike and do the class.

I mentioned to Darren that it was my first time, since he asked. Having done two classes so long ago, I couldn’t remember half of it, so I thought it would be nice to be reminded about certain things. I don’t have a bike and I don’t usual cycle in the gym, so I consider my legs not to be properly trained. At the end of the class I was soaked in sweat down to my balls. At times, I felt that I couldn’t go any further but it felt so damn good at the end of the session.

I am now hooked. I believe that spinning will definitely help my running and I hope to keep on going. I do slightly feel my butt sore today, though. By the way, do you know the difference between RPM and spinning? Is it really that different?


My housemate got a new phone, an ‘HTC desire’ and she absolutely hates it. She can’t figure it out much and she finds it amazing confusing and difficult. We were trying to set up a twitter application for her to use and in order to check how it refreshes the screen; I posted a tweet from my account.

The last time I tweeted before yesterday was in December 2009!!!

There were many reasons I stopped tweeting back then after using an account for more than 6 months and having more than 1300 tweets. I did try to take it seriously and I’ve even attended a gathering of gay people in a local bar through tweeter. It was all fun up to a point, but it became repetitive, dull and unoriginal. Most of the gay friends I was connected with were only interesting in silly online flirting and showing off what they think was their fabulous life!

Maybe, they were the wrong people to be associated with but I soon realised that twitter is probably not for me. However, I’m now starting to change my mind and I’ve decided to give it another shot. I will not start using twitter the same way I did before. I will be mostly accessing my account to check on news or other information.

Last week, while I was in the office, we heard something was going on in the area and a medical helicopter arrived on a building close to us. Only through twitter I found out what happened. There was a stabbing on a bus stop nearby. There weren’t any mention to that incident to any website before the next day. However, through twitter news do travel fast.

I admit that twitter can be an unreliable source but there are some serious news casters who use it. In addition, there is information on almost everything, from train info, airports, local events or gigs etc. So, even if I might not be updating my account regularly, I will still ‘spy’ on what’s going on in the world…


  1. Thanks for putting the image of your sweaty balls in my mind. I'll cherish it forever :-)

    When I was young I used to feel nothing but disdain for superficial people. There were too many of them. Sometimes some superficial folks would realize it about themselves and change, but when that happened more folks would take their place.

    It seems nowadays the superficial outnumber the down-to-earth, and Twitter/Facebook/IM are a big cause of it. I'm in agreement with your thoughts on Twitter. Yes, it has a few good aspects especially when it comes to spreading news fast, but most of the time the users are just being Twitiots and wasting their lives.

  2. Not to be worrying; the Rapture has been rescheduled for 10/21 !!

  3. @Cubby I so agree with you when it comes to superficiality! There is no way to avoid it...
    I like the term 'twitiots'... :-)

    @Ur-spo YAY! I'm so relieved now. I was beginning to worry that no new date would be announced!

  4. usually i hate running into drunk people when i'm sober, but, i do love a friendly drunk prophet! haha, what that guy said made me laugh out loud. also, your reply "really?" cracked me up too!

  5. I've started working on the bike at the gym. Every time I think that I'm in decent shape and want to try something new, that new thing kicks my ass. I'm taking baby steps with the bike right now. I can't imagine how humiliating it would be for me to actually try a spin class. More power to you for doing it!

  6. @Luuworld We have a saying in Greece that 'from young and crazy people you learn the truth'.
    You never know...

    @Walt Nah, Why do you think it's humiliating? When you feel you can't keep up, you just stop following what they're doing. It's normal and nothing to be ashamed of. However, try not to find a bike at the front of the class. A little bit on the side and back is perfect. :-)

  7. really? that's funny. we have the exact saying here in norway! :)

  8. @Luuworld lol... That's a nice one...

  9. Heh, I bought a recumbent bike from a buddy who moved out of state, and found that it could be a tough workout, if you want it to be one. I guess the spin class keeps you motivated to push up to 110%? I've never actually worked out in a class, in a gym before.

    Also, I see the allure of Twitter, but am making an effort to avoid getting sucked in. Some my fellow bloggers here have 25,000+ tweets. I tweet once a day. ish. ;-)

  10. @Gauss_Jordan I sometimes find working out alone a bit tedious. I prefer gymming with a friend or in a class. It keeps me more motivated.