Friday, 6 May 2011

5 on the Fifth

As promised the other day, I'm posting my part for the 'State Of The Nation UK' this month's Five on the fifth, even if a bit late. For those of you not aware with it, it's a project where you have to take some pictures and upload them on the 5th of each month. There is also a theme / subject you can follow if you want. This month's suggested theme is 'Clothes' or 'Happy'.

For this month, I've decided to post 5 things that make me happy. These are all photos I took last week.

A good book and a nice cup of coffee. I like spending time on my own.

My running shoes

Traveling / Road trips

Laying under the sun.

My boyfriend...
That's the flowers he got me this year on Valentine's Day.

That's me being happy a few days ago in Greece:


  1. Happy, and HANDSOME!! ;-)

  2. These are all great! And, like John said; handsome

  3. Nice pics Nik - and nice to see your smiling face. :)