Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Treat him like you don’t want him AND a doggie post…

I was thinking that I should change tactics. I have to come up a new plan to change jobs. That will be my ultimate goal for the next year. I will leave defence and try being more visible. I’ve acquired some agents’ phone numbers and I will be giving them frequent calls so that my name will be the first one to consider when a new position opens.

I'm a man with a plan

However, in the same time I’ll try to play it cool. I’ll be all polite and pretending to not really care. It’s like when you want a new boyfriend. If they smell fear and desperation in you, you’re screwed (in a bad way).


In a very different matter, ‘JJ’ suggested that he wants (us) to get a puppy!
Yes, one of these cute four-legged creatures…

I have to admit that I am very intrigued. I never had one (I grew up in a small flat in an urban area, it would be a shame) and I always wanted one.

I am a bit worried if I’ll manage though. Dogs are more dependent than cats. And I think about Torn’s horror stories of Georgie eating stuff he shouldn’t (I can’t even say it) and I get even more worried (=disgusted). Also, I don’t leave with ‘JJ’ (yet) and my current living arrangements are not suitable for dogs. I live now in a flat, carpeted everywhere, that I am not sure allows pets. My current housemate doesn’t allow them anyway, so it’s the end of the discussion of having a dog staying over (at least for many nights in a row)…

On the other hand, ‘JJ’ lives in a semi-detached house with a lovely back garden and a nice big park close by. He grew up next to a big South African lion park (he’s an animal person) and his family always had dogs. He knows how to train them and what to do with them.

I admitted that I would love to get a dog but it would be mostly his for the time being since the dog will be mostly staying at his place. That means that it must be mostly his decision. I wouldn’t mind taking care of him / her and walking him / her but we need to think of the impact it will have on our lives. I draw the line though at some breeds I don’t really like. I am not a fan of very small dogs and I know that very big ones are difficult to handle even if they look amazing. I also know that dogs with long coat in a house are a problem (huskies are very beautiful dogs but difficult to have). Generally Chiuauas or Greyhounds are a ‘no’.

I am not sure if that ‘talk’ will be just a talk or we /he will get a dog at the end. If we move in together it might be easier to decide. For the time being I can only be there for him and help him in every way that I can. I can’t offer him more for the time being…


  1. It's a big commitment but very well worth it. It's kind of like having a three year old child who never grows up. Don't worry, not all dogs do what Georgie does, though there's no guarantee yours won't. Good luck!

  2. @tornowordo It's better to be prepared... Georgie is amazingly cute though and from what you're saying you wouldn't change him for the world. It's a feeling worthwhile.

  3. Think carefully. How often do you go away and who will be there to look after puppy?

    Does your lease allow you? How easy will it be to find new accommodation as and when you have to move with a dog?

    Furniture - all will be chewed. And when you get home late, and after a late night early in the morning, you have to get up, walk and do the poop scoop thing.

    I'd love to have a dog, but it's such a tie!


  4. @MadeInScotland Thanks for that. That's the things I'm thinking about and I'm reluctant to make the decision / commitment. We've discussed about it and we decided to think about it again when we move in together in the future...