Sunday, 19 December 2010

My weekend in pictures/images

I began my weekend by studying

I travelled on Saturday morning to the other side of London to the exams centre

Unfortunately once again I failed. :-((

When I left the exam centre I realised that a massive snow storm hit London and it was snowing constantly. Everything was again covered in white

London can't cope with bad weather and the public transportation was crippled. It took me ages to get home and I had to walk a great distance in snow and cold to do so.

When I finally got home I was feeling awful. Not only mentally because I failed the exams but physically as well. I fell drained .

I slept for more than two hours that Saturday afternoon and like a log during the night. I felt really good the next morning though.

I've decided not to let the whole thing take me down. I'll try again. I will succeed! I just learnt not to take exams so close to the holiday season!

Like Jack trying to see 'What's this?', I also realised that the holiday season is upon us and that I'll be flying home for Christmas in less than a week! I'm free again (at least temporarily) to enjoy the Holidays.

So, I managed to get into spirit again.

And we had an amazing pro-Christmas, casual, massive Christmas dinner with friends at my place, organised by my house mate on Sunday evening. Nice food is always a nice closure for a weekend...


  1. Sorry about your exams! Glad you've got a good attitude about it.

  2. Sorry about the exam.

    Sorry about the public transportation issues.

    But it sounds like your doing well not letting it get to you. :)


  3. @Jim Thanks. I do try to stay positive

    @NewLeaf :-) Thanks.

  4. Oh Nik, bad news! I was thinking about you and hoping for the best. I'm glad you're going to take it again. I hope it is not too expensive.

    Remember what I told you about passive learning vs. active learning.

  5. @Cubby Thanks. The problem was that I didn't have much time. I tried the active learning you suggested but the progress I was making was very slow. I was running out of time. I know it's no excuse. I plan this time to get some proper rest first and then try to go through everything again with active learning as much as possible. :-)