Monday, 20 January 2014


Not for me… No. No. I’m not considering plastic surgery. At least, not yet. Give me a couple more decades and maybe I’ll reconsider. I hope by then, medicine will be so advanced that plastic surgery will be instantaneous, pain free and without any side effects. That, or we’ll be able to transplant our brains to another ageless host…

Anyway, our poor little house is the one going through a facelift. When we were in the process of purchasing it, we were advised by the building surveyors that some work would need to be done to the roof. Without it being a huge problem (yet), there were some surface cracks in the chimney and some roof tiles looked broken. That was causing issues to the way and cost of the house heating and also there was danger of mildew spreading.

So, we decided to have the whole roof and guttering replaced. We had called a number of roofing companies to provide to us with quotes. We wanted new tiles, guttering, sky lights for the loft and new insulation. Out of all the quotes, we picked a company that looked professional with the best guaranties. We didn’t go for the cheaper and neither for the most expensive of them. We went for the company we liked the best. Hopefully, we will not live to regret our choice.

That’s a photo I took on Saturday morning. The house was without a roof but hopefully water proofed. We’re battling against the weather. Probably January wasn’t the best choice to have the work done, but JJ has two weeks off from work and is able to be there to help the builders out. We feel a bit vulnerable and exposed with the house looking like a construction site. However, we’re hoping for the work to be completed soon and for the house to be warmer with a new loft conversion under way…


  1. But just think how nice it will all be when the work is done! Just stay calm...

    1. Yes, that's what I'm trying to focus on. It will finish and it will look better!

  2. these things are always nerve wracking; hang in there.