Saturday, 23 February 2013

Busy like a f$&£&ng bee

I was told when I joined this team at work, that the period around the mid to end February will be busy! Oh, my… I simply couldn’t imagine how much! Since it is near the end of the financial year, the end of the policy year and the end of the time when all client contracts needs to be renewed, everything is extremely urgent and needs to be done yesterday! It also doesn’t help the fact that my colleague is away in New Zealand somewhere enjoying himself (the bastard) while I’m working extra hours daily under lots of pressure.

Anyway, that’s my:

  • small rant for the day
  • the main reason I feel constantly exhausted the last weeks
  • I haven’t replied to your latest comments
  • I haven’t left any comments anywhere else
  • Haven’t even finished telling the Athens story…

Is it too late to mention what else happened in Athens now? I don’t know. We’ll see how today post is goes and how much I can go on about other things.

Apart from being extra busy at work, we’ve been busy at home as well. Last weekend I spent it with JJ doing some ‘DIY’ and refurbishing one room of our house. I think I’ve mentioned it before, that an old colleague of mine from uni is coming to London to find a job. So, we decided with JJ to redo what will become for a short period of time her room.

That extra room is a bit dark and cold unfortunately. It had very old fashioned wallpaper and what we feared was growing mould behind the big closet. That’s the wall most exposed to the elements and right next to the old fireplace whose chimney we’re not sure how well sealed it is. So, we’ve decided to empty it from furniture, paint the walls white even over the wallpaper and treat the mouldy wall properly. I have to admit that the room now looks so much better. It’s brighter, more inviting and appealing to a financial Greek female immigrant…

me at work, painting behind the bed

In general, I like doing DIY. It’s a great way to blow off some steam, although it is a bit tiring at the end. I’m not sure what our next project for the house is going to be. I’m pretty sure we’ll find something. There is the idea of actually buying the old place. We’ll see.

The cake I baked for Valentine's. I had to work till 9pm though

I'm planning on doing nothing this weekend. TLC and rest is all I need.


  1. OMG... I'm dying to know... What happened in Athens????

  2. I always enjoy your entries - you write'm when you havethe time now and don't fret

    1. Thank you so much for this comment. It's much appreciated. :-)