Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Athens first day

As previously mentioned, we went to Greece last week and specifically to Athens staying a couple of days at my brother and fiance's place. The weather was really nice and we spent lots of time wondering around and seeing the city's sights.

After my brother and his bride to be finished work, they took us to an amazing Cretan restaurant in an area called Halandri. The place was amazing and the food outstanding. Needless to say that almost each dish was some thousands calories  but who cares? We were on holidays and indulged as appropriate:

It's worth going to Crete, just for the food. Just look at my happy face!

Next morning we decided to go to the 'Cycladic Art Museum' in the area of Athens, called Kolonaki. That's a very nice area at the center with some really nice house:
Building in the area

The museum itself was amazing. The exhibitions were displayed over 4 floors in a very beautiful neoclassic building. There was a section on how ancient Greeks used to live, a floor on Cypriot ancient art and two floors on Cycladic ancient art dated from the 7th century BC to the 25th century.

I couldn't not take a picture of erotic ancient art 

Art dated around 2800 BC. First figurines were female. Something to do with mother Earth and productivity. They were found over tombs. You can see that they are really old, since they are represented without many details and motionless, standing still. It took the Greeks centuries to start making statues with features and 'motion'. 

 Ancient toys for small children. 


  1. You look so happy & handsome! What a fascinating trip. Be safe!

  2. every time I take another History of Greece course, I so long to go see the place - will you be my tour guide if I take you? Spartans are extra.

    1. That sounds like an amazing idea. Of course I could be your guide. My pleasure. Although you might know more than I do on some things. :-)