Monday, 26 March 2012

News Update

I haven’t had much time to blog this month. I try to reach as close as possible to 10 posts per month but that of course doesn’t frequently happen with my schedule. There are so many things happening in my household that I don’t really know where to start. So, I’ll try to start from the beginning, chronologically.

The previous weekend, almost 10 days ago, a friend of mine came to UK from Greece and he’s been staying over since. He’ll soon start studying Opera singing and he’s looking for a place to rent. While viewing apartments he’s staying over at my place. He wants to become a tenor and from I’ve heard, although not an expert, and the feedback he’s been getting I believe that he’s good. He’s got a position already in one of the most prestigious establishments of the country. He’s generally a nice guy, however he can be quite immature and a major drama queen. I assume its normal (to a degree) for artists to be a bit self-involved but the situation gets a bit out of hand sometimes. He’s a major mummy’s boy and his understanding of the world is very bad. Especially for an environment like London’s, things can get tough. I’m not going to go into details. We’ve been having some arguments over the past days that he’s apartment searching. His understanding of the reality is a bit unrealistic. I can’t spend hours explaining to him over and over the some simple things or try to pamper him to feel better. I am being a bit harsh but life’s tough. Deal with it.

An example of a conversion we had and things I’ve said:
‘There’s no point in telling us you want to commit suicide because you can’t find a place. If you want to look for a flat, get up early in the morning and start looking. I’m definitely not waking you up. You have an alarm in your phone. Learn how to use it. Grow some…’

OK, after this small rant, I feel so much better!

On a very different note I joined a running club! YAY! I’ve been meaning to do that for ages but I never actually made up my mind! So, the opportunity was found by accident. My manager told me that there’s a club that meets after work hours and runs from the centre of London towards various destinations around the city. He was given a leaflet by them. So, instead of commuting, taking the tube in busy rush hour, we run along the tube line up to a station much closer to home. We also had a guy with a car carrying our bags to the finish station! Their pace was a bit faster than I normally run but that’s a challenge I’m willing to accept! So, I ran with them once the past week, but I’ll join them this week as well.

Speaking of running, I did my 10k race on Sunday morning in Wimbledon! It was very nice. The route was a bit steep at places and I had to stop a couple of times to catch my breath, but that’s fine. I finished the whole route in 1:10. That’s not the best of times but I’m happy I did at least that with the lack of cardio exercise. Now, with my new running club I hope to get much better though!

that's me at the end of my run, sweaty but happy, with my medal!


  1. Congrats on the run. 10K is a good distance I think. I'm more of a 5K kind of guy. I have to admit I really enjoy running and hope it brings you some satisfaction.

  2. I too want to extend a warm congrats on your run. Good for you!

  3. suicide cause he can't find a flat? oh yeah, that spells drama queen! and haha, that sign made me laugh!

  4. @BosGuy It does. I really like it. I'm now trying to find my next challenge / race.

    @Ur-Spo Thank you. :-)

    @Luuworld Yes, he says he'll commit suicide three to four times a day about various things... We're not paying attention any more