Thursday, 4 April 2013

News Update

It’s April, although it still feels like January. We still get the occasional snow flake here and there and the weather here in London is still cold and a bit miserable. Some plants and trees have started to bloom, but it doesn’t look anything like spring yet. Unfortunately, the continuous for months bad weather hasn’t just affected me. I’ve heard many people say how tiring it is. To give you an idea, we had the coldest March since 1962 as BBC said. This week looks the same. Maybe it will get better next week?

You really need to try to see if you can succeed.  

I love the view of the sea 

The bad weather has affected my running schedule. I know it shouldn’t, but I just can’t get myself in running gear and out of the house when it is freezing cold and very windy. It takes almost a mile to run to get warm enough to actually start enjoying the running session. By then, it feels a bit like a torture. I had this conversation at work with one of our financial managers. He’s a very keen runner and finished last week a half marathon in an hour and a half. We agreed that people running the London Marathon soon, must have had it very difficult training during the last few months. So, March hasn’t been that good, but I hope April will get better. I’ve already registered for a 10k run in early June to keep me motivated. I hope to beat my PB.


Dressed up like onions (Long Johns, scarf, gloves, woolly hat etc), I took my new lodger on a day trip to Brighton last Friday. JJ was working, when the rest of us enjoyed a long Easter weekend. It was windy and cold, but other than that a bit sunny. I generally love Brighton. It’s close enough to London for a day trip; it’s by the sea and has lots of lovely small coffee shops and stores that are not part of international chains, giving the city a nice character. It was my lodger’s first excursion outside the city and I believe she had as much fun as I did.

Graffiti around the town

Being a Bank Holiday meant the place was generally busy. There were lots of families on the Pier and happy shoppers all around. We didn’t stay on the Pier that long though. It was too windy to be enjoyable for too long. I had hoped for a nice stroll along the sea front from the Pier to the Marina, but the weather didn’t allow us to do that. Nevertheless, we visited local cafes and pubs to stay warm.

Really nice coffee place in Brighton

Fortunately, I’ve already planned my summer holidays with ‘JJ’. We both needed to know when we’ll be going to a sunnier and warmer place. So, we picked an island in the Aegean Sea and decided to spend some quality and relaxing time there. Our last long holidays in South Africa were absolutely amazing but tiring with so many different things to experience. This time we decided to just find a small Mediterranean island and just do nothing apart from rest, get some tan and swim. This will not happen that soon but in July, but nonetheless it’s something fabulous to look forward to.



  1. The kitten clip upsets me!

    1. I'm sorry... I'm pretty sure the kitten is fine though.

  2. We are stuck in a shitty, decidedly unspringlike weather cycle here too. Uggh.

    1. We can only hope for a better tomorrow...

  3. You are even more woofy than usual in those shades - groovy man!

  4. Bad weather? Snow in April? I know what you're talking about...