Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Dream holidays

OK, I admit it. I might have been a bit harsh with my previous post. It’s not like I don’t like Italians or that I expect everybody to know English. However, I expect some kind of organisation when it comes to the police / fines / government etc. We really tried so hard to figure it out and pay the fine but found closed doors! I don’t mind the person on the street or a waiter etc not to know English. I expect this kind of things and I enjoy these interactions.

touching the waves

There was an amazing beach we went to on many occasions. Each time we had to pay for an umbrella and chairs and we also occasionally ordered beers, sandwiches etc in a small kiosk on the beach. The woman behind the counter only spoke Italian to me and I was replying to her with what few words I know and gestures, body language etc. It was so hilarious! People were gathering to watch us. We talked about Italy, Greece, politics and various other things. The language barrier wasn’t even a problem. I could easily express with hand gestures what I thought of Berlusconi for example…

Saturday rush hour

So, as I mentioned we had a really nice time. We normally got up early to have massive breakfast at the hotel. Then we would drive somewhere like the amazing Nuraghe site. There are more than a couple thousand buildings found on the island dated from 2500BC. They belonged to nomad warlords and their true purpose was unknown. They could be places of worship or barracks. For the time they were created, they must have been extraordinary constructions. These are some pictures I took at the site. The surrounding small buildings are houses built later on, almost a thousand years after the main circular building.

 Nuraghe "Su Nuraxi"

Each day’s schedule included spending at least 3 hours on a beach. JJ loves to snorkel or as I tease him ‘play’ with his mask watching the fish. I loved going in and out of the water, have a beer on the beach and read my books. I managed to almost finish an 850 pages fantasy book. I also went scuba diving. We visited a submerged old temple with a stone statue of Jesus and the surrounding sea life. It was very nice. This time I forgot to take an underwater camera though. Boo…


Most evenings, if we weren’t exhausted and had dinner at the hotel, we would drive to the capital to walk around the old town, Castello, and have dinner at the old Marina area. Local delicacies included small pasta like lentils, fresh seafood and antipasti. In most cases we hadn’t had much for lunch after the breakfast buffet so we’d indulge during dinner. Two course meals, pasta and then fish or meat, before walking along the marina holding a gelato.  

blue sea


  1. The water is so clear and calm looking. No wonder the ancients settled there.

    1. yes, the waters there were simply amazing. :-)

  2. Looks absolutely gorgeous! Wish I was there

  3. what a beautiful beach. looks like you had a nice holiday! i love communicating with people through body language too- it's amazing how much we can convey without words (and i'm not talking only about sex! haha)

    1. Yes, it's very funny and interesting how people from different cultures use the same expressions or hand gestures.

  4. Replies
    1. I tried to take a picture of one but swam away really quickly! What could I have done?