Thursday, 26 April 2012

Online diagnosis and various other thoughts.

Lately I’ve been thinking issues related to my health, wellbeing. Hopefully, this is not related to the fact that I’m getting older! I was actually asked a couple of weeks ago that since now I’m over 30, if I’ve noticed changes to my body or metabolism because of old age!! I ‘grrrr’-ed back and refused to answer.

My burnt hand’s getting better. I poured boiling water over it 10 days ago. For days it was stiff and brown. A few days ago it started peeling, revealing some new pinkish skin and it is much better now. But it is still not completely healed. There are some patches of burnt skin (dark), new skin (red) and the dry areas that are still peeling. I could probably scare a child with it, so I will not share pictures with you. I’m no Freddie Krueger though. Give me a couple of weeks and I’ll be fine.

On a different health topic, I have been noticing on my skin some kind of marks that itched but never lasted long. They look like mosquito bites and they are the same colour as the skin surrounding them. They itch and normally appear in batches around my torso or legs for a very short period of time, like 20 minutes and then disappear. Because they don’t appear every day and they always go away after a small period of time I’ve never actually done anything about them. I have been seeing them for a couple of years though.

JJ’s noticed how I scratch myself sometimes and we laughed how I might be allergic to sex, because these marks appeared or we noticed them while or after sex. It’s easier to see these marks with no clothes on. What I had to do is take some pictures and see a dermatologist. I don’t believe I could ever go to a doctor and by coincidence have them at the same time. However, being a guy that will not easily go to a doctor JJ started looking online of what this skin condition could be.

I don’t generally believe in online diagnosis. If a doctor doesn’t properly poke you, you can’t be sure about what you find online. Yes, there are some legitimate online sources, but still, so many symptoms do look alike. However, what he found online looks accurate enough. I simply get (?) hives in the simplest form that doesn’t last long. I believe that a normal allergic reaction to something whether it was food, soap, detergent, animal or something else would have a more persisting reaction. In any way, I’ll look a bit more into it. At least, checking things online I can exclude more serious skin conditions.

Leaving the slightly disgusting health issues aside, I’m looking forward to going to Greece next week. I fly really early in the morning Thursday to return the following Wednesday afternoon. It will be almost for a whole week of sunshine (it’s 25 degrees there now), food and politics! It’s been raining almost nonstop for the last two weeks in London and it’s getting to a depressing level. Greece will be a nice escape.

By pure coincidence, the weekend I’ll be in Greece, the national elections will take place! These will be the first elections taking place after the major financial crisis occurred. The time is crucial and the outcome of this very important. The people look really divided and none of the major political parties receive more than 20% of the public approval in any polls I’ve read. I believe that a coalition is inevitable. It is unlikely that a government will be formed in the first round of elections, so my vote will not really make a difference. I’m not even sure who to vote!

However, I always enjoy a healthy political debate. It’s in my genes I think.    


  1. Nik, your skin problem sounds serious and I'm quite concerned. I thought of a way I could help you.

    I have extensive training in both the identification and treatment of skin ailments and manifestations of psychosexual disturbances. However, I cannot properly identify your condition without first seeing a high-quality video of the affected areas.

    Here's what I'd like you to do...

    Set up six or more video camera around a brightly lit room in your home. Make sure they all have a clear line of sight towards the center of the room where you will be. Then I'd like you and JJ to have sex like you normally do, making sure all the lights are on and the cameras rolling. You better have sex twice to make sure all parts of your skin are properly captured on video. Don't laugh, Nik. This is serious business! Your health is at stake!

    Email the files to me right away, then give me several weeks to watch them over and over and over again until I'm completely satisfied. At that time I will let you know my opinion for a course of treatment. I can't promise that you'll feel better, but I know I sure will ;-)

    1. Thank you so very much for your concern! I truly believe you're an expert in everything related to skin! You have so many specialties and experience!
      I've sent you the video you're requested with the very reliable Greek mail. You should be able to receive it in

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