Monday, 19 December 2011

Gift Ideas

This is the time to be joyful, playful and also willing to spend lots of money. Unfortunately, we can’t help it. Gifts need to be exchanged this time of the year… So, in case you haven’t done so, it’s the final days to go out there and buy them. Although I do pity you if you still have some shopping to do! Have you seen how crazy it’s out there?

Last days Christmas shopping...

Anyway, I’m here with a small post to give you a few ideas on what to buy and what not to buy (especially to me)…

The object I’d like to show you is something not many gay people have tried, for many many reasons! And that’s liquid pussy! The following picture is not very good because I didn’t want to make a scene in the Japanese restaurant. Yes, that’s my hand and I couldn’t stand still because I was laughing. Maybe this is something very common in Japan but I hadn’t seen it before and I did find it funny.

The second thing is something enjoyed in pairs in groups, but definitely not by a family. It’s something that was on the papers, the Evening Standard, a week ago. Gaybanker beat me to it and presented it as well but I couldn’t help myself. It’s presented by a website called! You can order there custom made condoms! Made for your pleasure! They come in 95 different variations / sizes. Just think of the fun you can have taking other people’s measurements!

Finally, on my walk through the shops last Sunday, I came across the following items. I do apologise for how bad the pictures are, but I really didn’t like to be seen taking them! Please, don’t you ever EVER buy me something like this! Seriously, if you want us to stay friends!
The first is either Peter Andre’s or Michael bubble’s calendar!!!

The send is Justin Bieber’s or One Direction’s action figure!

One Direction or Justin Bieber? No, thank you 

Michael or Peter? No thank you


  1. Liquid Pussy. I don't even want to know what that tastes like. But I do wonder if they have a special red version. For Christmas....

  2. I will settle for a proper plum pudding - no rubbish!

  3. thought about getting my brother some pussy in selfridges yesterday, then thought again - parents, his partner....


  4. Actually, I had to post it on my blog after all. It has certainly been discussed a lot on Twitter since I posted it.

  5. @Erik_Rubright lol... I thought at the beginning the red version once per month and I was like ewwwww...

    @Ur-Spo plum pudding? I should give that a try... :-)

    @BosGuy It's for private viewings...

  6. @MadeInScotland If it's from Selfridges it's OK. Just don't let the children see it...

    @Bosguy it's OK. It's nice to create a stir.

  7. Καλές γιορτές! Λες ότι το 'liquid pussy' θα πούλαγε καλά στην Ελλάδα; 'Υγρό Μουνάκι' η κάτι τέτοιο;

  8. @Vilges Suola Lol. Les na poulage? Les na exoume brei tin eukairia pou psaxname?

  9. Come clean -- how many Justin Bieber action figures did you actually buy?

  10. @Mike lol... Only one. There is no space next to the other action figures on my bed..