Monday, 14 April 2014

My weekend in pictures

There were two distinctive themes to my weekend. Saturday was dedicated to DIY and gardening. Sunday was dedicated to the London Marathon.

 That's the before picture, even after we've done a little bit of clearing out. The shed is hidden on the back right corner under that ivy.

Our garden was generally overgrown and messy when we bought our house. It was a high priority to put it in a more friendly state since we both like staying outdoors and our bbqs! JJ is South African after all. Bbq in in their blood. After managing to clear out weed and unwanted plants, JJ put lots of effort during his week off from work to tidy it up. So, Saturday I tried to help as much as I could.

How the little shed looks now with little blue bells and jasmine

Creating new plant areas in the garden. It will look so great as the plants will grow

We managed to clear the small shed from all the ivy that was covering it and paint it again. It now looks clean. We planted a jasmine plant in front of it. Changing the look of the shed made a huge difference on how the garden looks. Hopefully our plants will grow and the garden will look even nicer. We might even get some vegetables this year.

Sunday was the Virgin London Marathon. The weather was brilliant, at least for the spectators since I assume it was a bit too warm for the runners. We got up early and headed to the city centre. We found a spot close the Monument in the City and watched them pass for at least a couple of hours.

Mo Farah running. I've retouched a bit that picture in Instagram

To me seeing people run like that is so inspirational. It signifies the power of the mind over the pain and the dedication some people can show over a cause. The atmosphere is so jovial and the sunshine made it all so much nicer.

The rest of the runners


  1. I like your backyard space!

    1. Thank you. In some time when the plants grow, it will look even better. :-)