Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Random thoughts…

Have you ever thought how nice it would be if your mind had a ‘print screen’ button? You know, the button that locks a mental picture in your mental clipboard that you can store and view anytime you want? Wouldn’t you like to be able to print your memory ‘Kodak’ moments? That is what I was thinking this Sunday at the gym… Yes, at the gym but I can’t go too much into detail… The story is a bit x rated. It includes a sexy straight Middle Eastern man who had the bright idea to go to the sauna in just his white briefs.

Anyway, it’s Tuesday on a very warm night. It’s supposed to be 24 degrees Celsius outside, which is very warm, especially for London, after 10 at night. However, instead of a cold drink / beer / white wine, I’m having a very warm, almost boiling drink. I’m having some Lemsip, because I’m feeling a bit under the weather. It’s probably the time of the year / humidity / viruses / air conditioning / suit wearing that caused this. I can’t afford though to stay in bed so I’ll try to get all the help I can get from the pharmaceutical industry while drinking lots of fluids. I hope I’ll be fine in no time…

I’m turning into a very boring person. I’m being consumed by my new job. For the time being I can’t help it though. I truly feel exhausted after a normal swift and I can’t be my normal social, active person. I had a session with my personal trainer and I wanted to choke him out of frustration. I had no willingness or power to follow him. I hope this will pass as well…

I’m beginning to lose readers of my blog already…

I have the suspicion that my nearly-axe-bearing-Tolkien-hero of manager I described on my last post is a homophobe. It could be because I am slightly more sensitive on the matter so I am still giving him the benefit of the doubt. It includes a story about how his previous boss had a filthy mouth and the worst phrase he used to say was: ‘fucking homosexual’! (Can I say fucking in an r-rated blog?). The verdict regarding him is not out yet…

Changing subjects again, which internet browser are you using to view this website? I’m sorry to say that if you are in Internet Explorer, according to statistics, you are not the coolest beer in the fridge, or the fastest bunny on the fields, or the… you get the picture. That’s all based to this study…


  1. "I’m beginning to lose readers of my blog already…"

    What? Who? Give me names. I'll kick their asses for you.

    I hope your new boss turns out to be ok. It's tough working for an a-hole, I know. Good luck.

  2. It's like you read my mind. I so want to be able to share what I see with others when a camera isn't available or conducive to one's surroundings. Like for instance that really Really REALLY hot musclebear at the pool party...ya'll would have LOVED hime. Maybe in the future as our minds adapt more technologically we'll be able to SNAP! those pics and share them.
    I use Safari at home, Internet Explorer (boo!) at work.

  3. I would love to have memory Kodak moments. Interesting set of random thoughts.

  4. I have no idea what is an internet browser - I thought that was 'me'.

    and 24 degrees? pish posh ! it is 42 here!!!

  5. @Cubby The list of my blog members are diminishing... :-(

    @behrmark That research was of course proven to be a hoax... :-p

    @ultramanrickster When you say 'interesting' do you mean from a psychological point of view?

  6. @Ur-Spo Everything above 20 for us is fine.
    Speaking of internet, can you check the reply I gave to behrmark? It's aright above that. Scroll up! Scrooooool up... Yes, with the mouse...