Monday, 17 January 2011

stylish blogger award

It came as a surprise when ‘behrmark’ from 'Behr Blather' sent me an email telling me that I won the ‘stylish blogger award’. Maybe it was the naughty pictures I sent him through an email a while back. He had asked me politely so I couldn’t really refuse. OK, the pictures weren’t that naughty but they did show body parts not normally shown when I go to work… Anyway, thank you berhrmark for that. I do enjoy the collection of pictures you upload and the casual Behr Blather when that appears.

I am now supposed to link back to whomever gave this award to me, which I’ve already done.
List seven things about myself:

1. My family’s been always close. I have lots of relatives and we do our traditional big family gatherings during Christmas or Easter, but just the four of us (my parents and brother) always made a good team. I didn’t have grandparents or brothers and sisters of my parents living close by to be part of this team. We became even closer because my parents were taking us with them when they were going travelling. I am lucky enough to have experiences with my parents visiting parts of Greece, Rome or Paris from a very young age. I’ll always be grateful for my childhood even if there were some normal hiccups during the years.

2. What I find amazing weird now is that my first ever crush with a movie actor was Arnold Schwarzenegger at ‘Conan the Barbarian’ (I had to google of course the correct spelling of his name). I don’t remember when I first saw it, since I was only one year old when it was released, but I must have been really young. I was amazed by his body, the lack of clothing and the hints of sex throughout the movie. If you ask me now though, the answer is no. I don’t have a thing for bodybuilders…

3. I think I first realised I was in love with ‘JJ’ one Saturday morning after making love when I was preparing coffee and I heard him singing in the shower. No, his voice is not great but it put a smile on my face and warmth in my heart.

4. One of my greatest desires in life is to travel the world and visit as many cultures as possible. I still haven’t been to Africa, South America or Australia. In Asia I’ve only visited a city of Turkey which I didn’t really like. You can check that visit here. I’m happy at least I’ve managed to see most of Europe. It’s cheaper and you don’t really need many days off work to go to places around here. However, I would really love to visit Japan, go for a safari in Kenya or go to Patagonia. Fortunately, flight tickets are not that expensive from London and I hope to manage to visit the places I want (at some point). I want near the end of my life to be able to open a global map and put pins to many places I’ve seen.

5. I am generally a bookworm. Since I was a child, I’ve been reading a lot. My parents never allowed a TV in my bedroom so I’m used to read myself to sleep which is a habit I have till now. When I was old enough to pick my own books I started with authors like Agatha Christie, Jules Verne and Enid Blyton (I loved the ‘The Secret 7’). I then evolved to Stephen King, Victor Hugo and George Orwell. Unfortunately since I have the memory of a goldfish I don’t remember most of them. I can recall the general concept but don’t ask me about character names and other particular things. Also, I wish I had read more Greek writers. I lack some general Greek classical author knowledge which I am trying to catch up with now.

6. I can’t generally watch horror movies. It must be extremely shameful to admit it, but I do get very tense while watching them. I am a total wuss when it comes to that. I love movies like ‘se7en’ or even the old ‘Omen’ trilogy but I do struggle a bit to watch things like ‘the sixth sense’ or the recent ‘The Devil’. I am able to watch them in the end but I have to look away a couple of times during the ‘bad’ scenes. Because you can’t easily look away in a movie theatre I don’t go to watch horror movies there. One of the last ones I remember watching in a theatre was the ‘The Blair Witch Project’. Lot’s of people found it funny and not scary at all. I remember that in the dark movie theatre I only wished for it to end. Unfortunately JJ is a big fan.

7. I am generally a morning person. I don’t mind waking up early to enjoy the day. I prefer doing stuff when the sun’s up. It makes me feel that I’ve experienced my day to the fullest. I enjoy going for walks and coffee breaks with friends, window shopping or dinner with close ones. Of course I don’t mind the occasional partying till the early hours, but I can really live without it for a long time without a problem. If you ask me now, I think the last time I went clubbing was in late October or early November. I’d always prefer a nice restaurant with good wine and some friends or a drink or two in a nice pub or bar. This probably makes me a dull person and not fitting in with some of my gay friends but I don’t really mind.

Finally, I have to nominate, pass the honour to 5 other bloggers:
(that’s definitely not an easy one)

1. I got something to say. AJohnP is living the life through his marriage, the music stage and the softball court. Sharing his everyday adventures he does really have something to say.

2. My Big Fat Greek Gay Blog. It’s a blog from a Greek American living his life in the States so there are some things I can relate to. Browsing through his posts, you’ll realise that Bobby loves writing his blog.

3. Patently Queer. Cubby is one of the most active bloggers I think I follow. He’s trying as much as he can to make a change through participating in Gay Rights activities and he does post his ideas and opinions frequently giving us food for thought. Nevertheless, I have kept a precious voucher offering unnamed things, not to be discussed outside closed doors…

4. The life of a wozzel. You simply have to go through his posts to discover this person. Wozzel has an amazing sense of humour. He is very sensitive, genuine and loves his friends. I could say more nice things about this exceptional person, but I think I’ve already earned a nice glass of wine on my next visit to Durban. Right?

5. Gosh… If I pick another one I’m going to leave lots of people out… Can I really do that? I enjoy so much receiving your comments and I don’t really want to make anyone upset with me… For Number 5, please go through the list on the right of blogs I follow and pick one. Yes, I am cheating but I can't select between Mike, MiS, Steve, Gauss, Juz or Suf and the rest…
Lately, I’ve started unofficially following some more blogs that I still haven’t added to the official list. I’ll need to update that at some point.

So, here it is. A list of some random things about me and my nominations.
Have a nice Monday which is according to research (?) the most depressing day of the year! I hope it passes quickly.


  1. Thanks for honoring me Nik. You're the best!

    As for horror movies, similar to your position I can tolerate them while Greg just loves them. Try this: sit with JJ so that he's behind you with his arms wrapped tightly around you. This will get you through any horror film, I guarantee it :-)

  2. @Cubby You do something similar with me hugging a pillow or him and drowning my head or looking away if I need to... I know... It's sad...

  3. Thanks so much Nik! I am quite honored. I'm glad that I found your blog and that we've been able to connect. :-)

  4. aah. Nik. Thank you so much. This is an awesome honor, and what nice things you said :)

    baie dankie!!

    PS - thanks for the comment on my recent post. I will keep you updated :)